Tuesday 12 July 2011


To celebrate the launch of www.kowalskiy.co.uk (not really, it's the exact same website), I thought I'd share with you the details of my upcoming, new feature.  Buoyed on by the surprising success of my lonely-hearts-style Singles Club (the easiest way to spot which of your favourite bands are borderline sex pests) and my series of Free Monthly 5-track Scottish EPs (whose one year anniversary is this Saturday), I thought I'd continue teaming up with the best up-and-coming bands this country has to offer, and letting them have their say.   The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed I'm not as prolific with my blogging these days, so in an attempt to up the number of posts, I'm gonna introduce the semi-regular Kowalskiy Takeover! where a band, very literally, takes over the offices of Kowalskiy for a week to bring you interviews, features, reviews, and pretty much anything else that takes their fancy.  For that week, the blog will be rebranded, revamped and re-energised by the band, all in the name of fun... and great music of course!

So when do these shenanigans begin I hear you cry?  Sometime in the not-so-but-still-slightly distant future.  This is your heads up though!  Details of who the Takeover! bands are, and when they'll be in office, will all be revealed in due course, so watch this space...

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