Sunday 11 March 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v2.0

Such was the euphoria which accompanied my first notcast (which boils down to a comment from a Dutchman, several retweets and Mr Son(s) saying some very nice words),  I thought I'd make it something of a feature on Kowalskiy.  Maybe once a week.  I might even go as far as putting it up on the same day each week.  Sunday good for you?  Great, let's make it Sunday then.  Sorted!

For those who missed v1.0 and are thinking "what the f**k is this all about?", here at Kowalskiy the "P" word isn't used.  We don't like the "P" word.   I don't wanna sit listening to someone babble on about what tracks they like with the odd bit of banter thrown in.  You're not John Peel or... eh... who's a popular radio DJ these days... ah yeah!  You're not Fearne Cotton.  No Sir-ee!  And if I do like one of the tracks, I sure as hell want a link to click there and then to go buy it.   Granted, this is kinda like all that albeit with ignorable banter and physical links.

So shall we get on with v2.0 then?  As with the first one of these, I'd like to kick things off with what I'll call 'Kowalskiy's Apology Korner' or KAK for short.  Though this track is far from  it!  Things have been hectic of late so I wasn't able to give this album the attention it deserves... 'til now.  Well, that's if this can be classed as 'deserved attention'.  Either way, the ultra-lo-fi debut from Randolph's Leap entitled The Curse of the Haunted Headphones is great.  Go get it here.  But first, here's a wee taster.

Last week on SoundCloud saw the triumphant reawakening of mitchell museum with a new demo called Glasshouse from their second album.  As they never made this EMBEDDABLE(!!!), you'll just have to go over here to have a listen.  In the meantime, here's their "last song" which went up all of 7 months ago.  Last song, eh guys?!  Attention seeking b*****ds!

Welcome back guys!  OK, so who's next?  Well, we have one of Stirling's finest, Brazil Exists.  Their Hermit EP had, until now, slipped under my radar, but it is bloody good!  I'll let you make your own mind up though.  The timing may be suspect, but here's Happy New Year to help you do just that.

Those last two are FREE to download by the way.  Now... to someone who's about to release his first EP under a new moniker.  Rainbow Fisher's debut By The Sea EP is out on the 18th of March, a couple of days after he, or maybe even they (I should do some digging), launch it at The 13th Note with Kowalskiy-favourites Adopted As Holograph and Little Fire.  This is the folky standout Benone.

On the 18th, look yonder!  How many's that?  Geez, four already!  OK, two more then I'm offski.  The penultimate track is one I've been listening to for what seems like an age.  About this time last year, Glasgow's Partwindpartwolf leaked four demos onto their SoundCloud and got this blogger a bit too excited.  They've recently been snapped up by new Glasgow label Comets And Cartwheels so hopefully we'll be getting some sort of release soon.  Until then, one track remains online, the sublime Deep South.

"How do you top that?" I hear you cry.  Well, you can't really.  But I'll end things off this week with something every bit as mind-blowingly-amazing.  If you're a regular around these parts, you'll know my love for this band knows no bounds.  They're releasing their third single on the 19th of this month and then they'll be taking their stunning brand of dark cello pop around the country with Where We Lay Our Heads.  They are Letters.  They are brilliant.  And this is The Halfway House.  See you next week folks.  Enjoy!

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