Sunday 3 June 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v12.0

Another hastily put-together notcast this week, so not as much pointless babble between tracks as there usually is. First up we have this sweet piece of music from Suite Pea.  The man behind it is none other than Craig Ferrie of Miniature Dinosaurs and Brazil ExistsThe Ullapool EP is out now on Bandcamp on a name-your-price basis.  And 'tis rather good!

This only went up a day-or-so ago.  It's the B-side to their not-Olympic-themed new single which is out on the 11th June.  I feel I've neglected The Last Battle having missed the boat with their previous release The Springwell E.P., which is free now too!  It's completely unintentional I can assure you.  Make it up to them on my behalf by grabbing both the B-side and EP for free now!

These intros aren't as quick as I promised at the start, so let me cut to the chase now.  Woodenbox have a new EP out imminently.  To whet your mariachi-folk-loving appetites, you can download the brilliant King's Liar for free. 

Alas, the freebies come to an end now.  But this one is well worth your spare pounds because... Maple Leaves are back!  These pop lovelies have been sorely missed.  New EP Robots more than makes up for them keeping us waiting.  Head over here to get your download and/or CD.

Came across this one on a trip to The Pop Cop.  'Tis his song of the week and it's just become mine too... closely followed by the B-side These Nights!  You can get it for free over here.  I shall investigate further, so watch this space!

Last up, we have some Interpol-infused rock from Glasgow's It Girl.  Andy from the band emailed me a while back and I've only just gotten around to having a listen.  Needless to say, the fact it's on here, I think this track is great.  There's an album to be had at some point so watch this space.

That's all folks. All goes well, we'll have the third guest notcast next Sunday!

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