Sunday 19 August 2012

Panda Crowds Writes

Hey, Patrick (a.k.a. Wiredrawn) here. Kowalskiy has tasked me with keeping you people entertained while he's away on his holidays.


Here's six of my favourite tracks from SoundCloud - they're not all recent, mind. Or Scottish..........

I love love love this track. It sounds a bit like Feeder if they hadn't disappeared up there own arses a decade ago and had instead decided to form a 'Husker Du in the style of Foo Fighters' tribute act. Pet Ghosts aren't Scottish. They're English, which is kind of on the same island as Scotland.

I loves me some North Atlantic Oscillation. Their Drummer is proper brilliant. And they're Scottish!

Owen will probably hate me for saying this, but Anywhere But Here is probably the best summer-y acoustic pop song I've ever heard. Owen was in the band that was Won Mississippi before it was Won Mississippi and has got loads of great music on SoundCloud. You should go listen to it.  He's also originally from Berwick-Upon Tweed, which is as close to being Scottish as you can get without actually being Scottish (cue angry backlash).

I'm a sucker for bit of a chip tune hybrid and this one is a catchy little bugger.

I'd kill for Matthew Connor's voice. He could sing the phone book to me and i'd be happy.  This is off of his forthcoming album and perfectly showcases Matthew's talents both as an amazing songwriter and hardcore crooner (Is Croon-Core a genre? IT IS NOW!).  Matthew isn't Scottish either. He's American. Being American, there's small chance his great grandparents were Scottish. I'll ask him.

Another Berwick (Almost Scottish!) flavoured one - Old Bones take their cues from Bronto Skylift et al. but they really set themselves apart by writing brilliant QOTSA-ish rawk songs like this one and by being a bit tasty live.
   Deluca by Old Bones

Hope these wee crackers keep you entertained til the big man returns. If you enjoyed these tracks then come share the love at


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