Sunday 16 October 2011

Kowalskiy's Free Monthly 5-track Scottish EP #16

'Tis that time of the month again!  Time to share another five great tracks from five of Scotland's finest up-and-coming bands.  Like the last time, there's a wee mix of styles and sounds on this months effort, from haunting Kate Bush-inspired pop, to something that wee bit darker and louder!   Something for everyone, or if you're like me, you'll lap it all up!  Click on the artwork above to get downloading.  Before you do though, here's a bit about each track from the five cracking bands on KEP#16... 

1.  If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now - Sleeping Beauty (...the Haunting Kate Bushy one!  A brilliant track from their upcoming debut album.)

"Sleeping Beauty is a track from our forthcoming album 'a room dim at noon'. The song is inspired by autumn, old black and white films and a general feeling of unrest. ' If you lived here, you'd be home by now' like to experiment during live performances leading to a more theatrical feel. The album was recorded at the analogue Green Door Studio, Glasgow. Catch us at Nice n' Sleazys on the 29th October for our halloween album launch where we'll all be acting like the earl of hell......." - Clare Simpson (IYLHYBHBN)

2.  The Stormy Seas - Morbid Desires (If this is anything to go by, The Stormy Seas' debut album will be a belter!)

"Morbid Desires is one of the more upbeat numbers from our forthcoming album, Of Rust and Loss. It's upbeat and jaunty but don't let that fool you. A discerning ear will no doubt pick up on Michael's morally ambiguous lyrics cutting across the pop of cowbell and twang of banjo. Of Rust and Loss will be out on our own wee imprint; The Shipping Forecast on the 14th of November, with a launch party in the Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh ahead of that on the 12th. We'd love it if you could come along." - Graeme (The Stormy Seas)

3.  Supermarionation - The Ballad Of Little Beef Cramps (Be sure to check out Supermarionation's new FREE acoustic EP.  I love their new stripped back sound!)

"The Ballad of Little Beef Cramps is a cautionary tale of immortal cows from Supermarionation's recently released acoustic EP, Amongst the Northern Lochs. Based on an old Highland legend, it tells the story of a herd corrupted by their unending life and their spurned chance of redemption through the tiny calf Little Beef Cramps who then goes on to found a new undying herd of his own. The whole EP is available as a free download (much like this one) from Six Take No Records." - Steven Tonge (Supermarionation)

4.  Three Blind Wolves - In Here Somewhere (Demo) (an amazing demo from TBW, what else would you expect from them though!?!  Be sure to support their US tour fundraising!)

"This is a track taken from an early demoing sessions for the new album 'Sing Hallejulah for the Old Machine' set for release next year" - Jamie Webster (Instinctive Racoon)

An exclusive teaser from the new album.  You can hear the guys preview more tracks at their gigs in Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh on the 22nd and 23rd of October, and at Brel, Glasgow on the 25th.  Pop along and help them raise funds for their upcoming US tour.

5.  Vladimir - Mellow (As Vladimir tracks go, this is mellow.  Still packs quite a punch though!  It's my favourite from their recent EP.)

"Mellow - We don't really like taking about our songs to be honest. We just like to let the listener decide what its all about but in this instance the lyrics are pretty explicit. This particular song is about unrequainted love and the fall out that this creates... feelings of uselessness, rage, apathy and ultimately, revenge.... its all there.  We'll be landing in Glasgow on Saturday 29th Oct to play a Halloween show for our pals at the BAAD. Man, its a huge space but we're pretty confident that we'll that we'll smash it, just like we do every other gig we play. And it's bring your own bottle so it should be pretty messy, especially as Glaswegians like a bevvy and a tear up. You should try and get along..... should be fun..." - Vladimir x

And that's it for another month!  Hope you enjoy October's EP.  As always, it's FREE, so head on over to my bandcamp page now to get your download.  Have a wee look and listen to the other 15 while you're at it!

So, until next month then.  If any bands out there fancy making my life that wee bit easier by volunteering a track for one of these EPs, then send me a wee email too and see if it tickles my fancy.

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