Tuesday 21 August 2012

Kowalskiy Singles Club #17

This... this will be the final post on Kowalskiy... until I return from my holiday in a fortnight's time.  I'll be jetting off to exotic foreign lands with my beloved.  Before that though, I've spared a thought for all those singletons out there, unlucky in love, who don't know where their next burst of aural pleasure is coming from.  It could be right here folks!  So, I've assembled more singles for you to check out.  Just read what they have to say, and if they tickle your fancy, click on the artwork and let the good times roll.  Right, no more cliche's or bad puns for at least a fortnight...

The New Fabian Society - Streets Are Riots
Streets Are Riots by The New Fabian Society
"Miserable nihilist seeks the companionship of another lonely soul looking to take part in some licentious and riotous activities. Must be obsessive to the point of self harm. Must be under 9 stone. Must be Asian. An enthusiasm for bass desirable but not essential. Cunts need not apply." - Nick Fabian (The New Fabian Society)
I thought we'd start off with this one from ol' romantics The New Fabian Society who are quite specific about what they're looking for.  If you fit the bill, or even if you don't - so long as you don't mind a bit of reciprocated love - then click the cover art!  This track features on their brilliant second EP Exhibition Of Hate.

Middleton Hall - The First Bus Out Of Town
First Bus Out Of Town by Middleton Hall
"Band, male, WLTM broadminded individual(s) for discreet fun. Age/looks/sexual proclivities not important. We'll tickle your eardrums and flick our musical tongues into ALL your most sensitive areas! FSH GCH BYOB. Pulse required." - Doug Shanley (Middleton Hall)
Everyone likes their sensitive areas tickled!   This is the lovely, debut single from Dunfermline's Middleton Hall.  It's a great summery track.  Kinda reminds me of The Radio Dept. at points which is always good in my book.  It'll be a FREE download as of the 27th of August.   

We Are The Physics - Applied Robotics
Applied Robotics by We Are The Physics
"Four twitching paranoid shells require technologically advanced human for long-winded discussions on posthumanism while eating crisps. GSOH not important, but programmable personality desired. Must be self aware." - We Are The Physics
This is the second appearance in a row for We Are The Physics who are following up Goran Ivanisevic with this fast-paced, mind-numbingly-great single taken from their upcoming second album.  Anyone remember what we did for music when this bunch were away recording?! 

The Deadline Shakes - Sweeten The Deal
Sweeten The Deal by The Deadline Shakes
"Four hungry young men WLTM Alfred Pennyworth type to make sandwiches and that. Preferred areas of expertise include dividing twenty eight pounds by four and shilling the rubes. Must be polite in moments of sonic and other durchfallen." - The Deadline Shakes
This one is a breath of fresh, bango-filled, air.  It's out on the 5th of November to download via Flowers In The Dustbin but you can have a wee listen by clicking the artwork. Just imagine The Spinto Band... with a banjo, and from Glasgow and you're pretty much there!  Oh and that would be seven pounds guys... if you're ever needing someone to take care of the books! 

Scott Thomson - Without Warning
Without Warning by Scott Thomson
"If you want to roll with me, know this, it's a high stakes game and aces are wild, but no, I mean no hitting faces, or so help me I'll haunt you with 6 year old songs..." - Scott Thomson
Six years old, but still sounding delightfully new!  This is a FREE track, plucked from the pre- New Town Triptych hard drive of their singer Scott Thomson.   Begs two questions - why has it taken so long to give this wee slice of brilliance an airing... and what else do you have on that hard drive Mr. Thomson?! 

Miniature Dinosaurs - Lemonade
Lemonade by Miniature Dinosaurs
"Bubbly personality seeking that special someone to clear away my clouds and put some fizz into my heart. Life has felt still for too long, as I canned up my emotions. Desiring someone sweet to spend my summer with. But once you're done with me, please don't leave me feeling empty and crushed." - Alban Dickson (Miniature Dinosaurs)
Milk, milk, lemonade, round the back... Miniature Dinosaurs are back, with another pun-laden singles ad from Alban!  This is the first release since signing to Integrity Records.  As always, it's a cracking track, with a great video to boot, which sheds some light on lemonade selling through the years... and wallpaper trends! 

The Maginot Band - Slow Down Sundial
Slow Down Sundial by The Maginot Band
"Band with well laid plans seek a bold personality to provide reassurance and deflect aggressors. Currently strong in many facets, but easy to get around if approached in the right way. Fortification may be needed to remedy past weaknesses. Not afraid to spend large amounts of cash on questionable plans. Enjoys country holidays in the east of France. Likes the cinema but dislikes war films." - The Maginot Band
Another cracking newbie this one taken from The Maginot Band's debut Peace And Quiet EP which is out in September.   It's a FREE download so get yourselves over to their SoundCloud and feast your... ears!  Just click the artwork.

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