Tuesday 9 August 2011

Kowalskiy Singles Club #6

You know the score by now, it's time for me to play matchmaker once again with all the 'singles' out there.  Before we see how our singles got on last time round, lets have a look at the new batch of hopefuls.  If any of them 'hit the right notes with you', then click on the cover art and get better acquainted.  Happy downloading...

The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse - Moon Yodel
"Half-eaten, star-gazing horse seeks enlightened wonder for nocturnal tea parties. Must be fluent in hieroglyphics and paper mache with a keen interest in space travel. Access to a coin operated helicopter would be considered an asset." - RAMisco
Ladies... and gentlemen, if strange, eagle-headed men do it for you, then look no further than The Horse.  He's back with two FREE tracks for you to wrap your lugs around.  They're a bit more 'spacey' than his previous material, but mini belters nevertheless.  Just click on the wee upside-down green man to the left! 

Gerry Loves Records - LOVES005 feat. PAWS and Lady North
LOVES005 from Gerry Loves Records
feat. Lady North/PAWS
"Slim, youthful male with split personality seeks nerdy older lady for sweaty dancing and fun. GSOH not required. Must love long walks on the beach and Japanese literature. Weird fetishes a plus." - Andy Lobban (Gerry Loves Records)
The saviours of the 7" are back with another two brilliant bands.  So if you've any weird fetishes, perhaps you're into vinyl in a big way, then Andy's your man.  The bands have done the artwork for the record which has 3 tracks, plus 3 more downloads available with your purchase.  Check out GLR's back catalogue too for more vinyl treats!

The Cat That Walks Alone - Evans Throne/Love Will Always ComeEvans Throne/Love Will Always Come by The Cat That Walks Alone
"Absent minded, successful business man WLTM like minded person for coalition pact and treaties. Must be head of a major nation with good ties to oil. GSOH and conflict a must. Hobbies include travelling, talking and contradiction" - Cameron Laing (The Cat That Walks Alone)
A great couple of tracks here from Cameron Laing a.k.a. The Cat That Walks Alone.  Surprisingly cheery and upbeat for such a tragic sounding name.  Poor loney cat!  Anyway, it's his debut single and it's out at the end of August through Align Romance, but you can pre-order it now on Bandcamp.  Just click the lonely cat to the left and it can be yours! 

Will Hanson - Deathbed Conversion/The View From Ebury Bridge
Deathbed Conversion/The View From Ebury Bridge by Will Hanson
"Heartfelt singer/songwriter, prone to over exaggeration, will take over the world next year." - Will Hanson
In an ideal world that's just what would happen!  Now, why had I not heard of Will Hanson before?!!  Both tracks are stunning, as are all the rest on his Soundcloud.   With an album in the offing, expect to hear a lot more of Will in the future.  Until then, get your hands on this single!

Prince Edward Island - You Look Like I Need A Drink
You Look Like I Need A Drink by Prince Edward Island
"Bitter, unsuccessful aging losers wallowing in a never-ending stream of self-loathing and aching loneliness looking for needy leech-like hangers-on to abuse with dull stories, poor sex and Greatest Hits albums. Must have own van." - Prince Edward Island
Last but not least, it's the wonderful London-based Prince Edward Island.  Imagine a cheery Arab Strap and you're on the right track.  So if you're needy, into poor sex, and have a van, then you're in for an absolute treat!

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