Sunday 13 May 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v9.0

Welcome folks, to my ninth notcast, where I'll share with you some of my favourite new tracks on SoundCloud .  Before that though, I'd like to say a huge thanks to John Bryden from The Machine Room for stepping in for me last week, and for introducing me to some cracking bands.  Here's a token of my appreciation...

While I'm here, I'd also like to congratulate The Machine Room on their spot at T Break this year.  I won't go into the full line-up - you can find that elsewhere.  There's a few great bands on there showcasing the best up-and-coming Scottish music, but from my own point of view, there's a couple of disappointing exceptions.  Ho hum!  Anyhoo, onto the other tracks.  This week, I've done something shocking... I've been listening to non-Scottish bands quite a lot.  I feel awfy dirty.

First up, we have one of the finest musicians I have ever seen.  Get Well Soon a.k.a. Konstantin Gropper is responsible for not one, but two of my favourite albums.  Number three, The Scarlet Beast O' Seven Heads is out soon via City Slang.  Here's the stunning lead track for you to download free.     

The album's out on the 28th August.  I can't wait!  The wait's a wee bit shorter for this next release.  Remember my K&A with K&A a few years ago?  Well, Sweden's Kate and After are back with another slice of sumptuous Scandinavian indie-pop that'll haunt your every, waking minute!  The Game is out on Tuesday for you to download, but you can hear it here already.

It's one of the most addictive tracks I've heard all year... and this one isn't far off.  Now, years before I started this blog, I did have something of a soft spot for all things emo-power-pop-ish.  I never dressed in black or wore eye-liner or anything freaky like that though.  So when I was contacted by Life & Death Records from Atlantic City, New Jersey (possibly the only time I've been asked if I want to join a PR mailing list rather than just being added - take note folks... ask first!), I took a punt on one of their free EPs by Life Without A Jacket, and was completely bowled over!  You can get your hands on their Use Your Words EP here, with my pick of the tracks below. 

Now, since I'm in danger of getting a nose bleed, it's time to ease slowly back into Scottish music.  If you remember Kowalskiy EP#8 back in February last year, I had Oslo-based I See Horses featured.  Well, after their demise, Scottish frontman David Coyle and bandmate Arvid started Misha Non Penguin... incidentally named after a character in one of my favourite books.  They have a new single out on the 1st June via Lazy Acre Records called Drifters.  You can hear that here, but here's another of their tracks for you to feast your ears on.  It's FREE, but more importantly than that, it's a cracker! 

Last up, we've got former Odeon Beatclub singer Paul Tierney a.k.a. Lonely Tourist.  I raved about his debut album when it came out last year.  His follow-up I Live Where You Are is out soon.  The title track and lead single is the perfect taster for what to expect. Enjoy!

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