Monday 16 April 2012

Kowalskiy's Free Monthly 5-track Scottish EP #22

Ready for your free EP fix for the month?   Good, 'cos here it is.  As ever, we have five of the finest Scottish up-and-coming bands around at the moment.  I'm chuffed to bits to have each of them involved.  Anyway, it's time you heard who's on board this month and what they each have to say about their track...

1.  Father Sculptor - Blue (Risen from the ashes of former Kowalskiy EPers Johnny Reb, say hello to Father Sculptor.  This is one of the tracks from their debut double A-Side out today.  Get it here.  One of my favourites of the year so far.)

"Blue demonstrates the George Osborne side to Father Sculptor; that of privilege, smut & utter (g)utter evil..   Ember / Blue is released on Monday 16th April via" - Father Sculptor

2.  Miniature Dinosaurs - Lightspeed (You have no idea how long I've been trying to get this lot involved.  Finally worn them down though!  I'm honoured to give this track a second home.)

"This is the only track from our last EP, Off The Radio, that wasn't picked up and released by a label, so it never quite got the same attention. It's nice to get it out there via this free download and, for us, helps round up the Off The Radio release (still available via our online shop!)" - Barry Maclean (Miniature Dinosaurs)

3.  Kill The Waves - The Oak Tree (demo) (This band are a wee bit of alright aren't they!?  Can't wait to hear more from them... and you will at the end of April.)

"The Oak Tree is quite an old song for us, relatively speaking; in fact it is the oldest song that we play as part of our live set. It still features in our live set because it is also one of our favourites and tends to be a bit of a crowd pleaser. For those reasons we have decided to release it as part of our double A-side single 'The Oak Tree/Friend' at the end of April." - Rob Williams (Kill The Waves)

4.  Zefs Chasing Cara - Cracker Deelosay (It was actually Chris from Favourite Son who introduced me to this chap during some super-mixtape-fun we shared.  It was actually this song too.  It's actually brilliant!)

"Hmm. That's one of the few songs from the EP that has more singing. The lyrics are about going on holiday and swimming and stuff. I wrote it like half a year before all the other songs so its got a different sense to it than all the other songs." - Dominic Kesterton a.k.a. Zefs Chasing Cara

5.  Toy Machene - Radio 182 (This track will feature on the Edinburghians upcoming EP.  I've heard it all, and it's fantastic.  An endorsement also shared by Skeletor apparently.)

"Toy Machene have a combined height of 18'4" - that's pretty damn tall, so listen to our music: Skeletor likes it so, for your safety, we recommend you do too.  We wanted our first Toy Machene EP to be fun so we chose the loudest, chorusiest songs we have (and a song about Tom Cruise's sexual preferences). 'Radio 182' is super bouncy and a lot of fun to play live; like a lot of our music, it's about loss and doubt and regret but those lyrics are set against this very perky, punky, slightly ska music which is totally made to dance and singalong to. We love it, we hope you do too!" - Leo Burke (Toy Machene)

Let me just say a huge thank you to all 5 for contributing this month.  I'm obviously pretty biased, but I think it sounds great!  Hope you agree.  OK, so you can get your free copy by clicking on the artwork above, and while you're there, there's another 21 for you to get your grubby mitts on by heading over here.   The 23rd KEP will be out one month today on a certain free-EP-releasing blogger's birthday.  Presents are of course welcomed, but if you're a band and have something you'd like to offer up for submission, then that'd be nice too...  what was that?!  You wanna record a special version of something for me?!  That's lovely!  In that case, you can send me a wee email ( and we'll go from there. 

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