Sunday 29 April 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v8.0

Time for me to share what's been floating my Cloud of Sound over the last week. For my 8th notcast (just to recap, Kowalskiy doesn't do podcasts), I shan't be featuring a certain male-offspring(s)-named band for fear of this feature turning into a weekly forum revolving around how prolifically-amazing they are. Other than to say, they've done it again! We will start off, as always, with my Apology Of The Week.  Something I've been struggling with on the blog is, with my reviewing hiatus in full swing, how can I help plug releases if I've already interviewed the band?  It's something these notcasts were set up to help address if truth be told.  Rest assured, more new features are being developed as you read this.  Anyway, why's this relevant?  Well, Thula Borah fall into this category... and I've still not gotten back to them.  Sorry guys!  Their new release, Live Secretly, is out now as a name-your-price download here.   It's big on melody... in fact, it's big on everything.  Here goes...

Get that price named!  Right, from a band on their second release, to one who, if their SoundCloud is anything to go by, have two tracks.  Both I'm told, are self-recorded demos.  Both, are brilliant.  Lost Ghosts could be one to keep an eye or two on.     

Next up, is Collar Up. I first had the pleasure of featuring this delightful Edinburgh bunch when they poured their lonely hearts out back in September.   They're back with their follow-up called The Fear Of Love.  I don't know about 'fear' really.  Curious maybe.  I mean, it can make one man weep, and another man sing.  I guess that's just the power of love though.  Here's their song.

And that's out now for FREE courtesy of Permwhale Recordings by clicking the wee arrow to the right of the stream above.   WARNING!!  God-awful link coming!!  From one track out now to an album out next week... Two Wings.  Again, you may know them from their recent Singles Club ad for Eikon

You can get hold of the album over here as of tomorrow from Tin Angel Records.  Righty-oh, before we get to the final two tracks, as next week will be the tenth, we'll have our second guest notcast.  As I always say, if the notcast divides by five, we'll have a special guest in to ...[incoherent mumble]...ive.  You'll find out who that is next week.  Anyway, the penultimate track now from The Machine Room.  Seems like every week there's a new demo being uploaded.  So to celebrate their brilliant new video for their single-of-olde Camino de Soda (viewable here), here's the stream of their latest demo Feed Me To The Ocean.

And to finish things off this week, we have a band I've been experiencing something of a obsessive renaissance with lately.  Sadly, they're no longer with us, but in albums Sleeping Spoons and one of my favourites of all time, ...Welcomes Careful Drivers (not forgetting all their other stuff!), Won Mississippi have left us quite a legacy!  So I'll leave you with a phenomenal track from their debut.  And on that note, I won't see you next week, but I know a lovely bunch of guys who will.  So long!


  1. Martin Mississippi1 May 2012 at 10:24

    Cheers David,
    Mill Strand has a special place in my heart - still reckon it's Rob Wilkinson's finest song. Honoured to have had chance to sing it with a great bunch of guys. Watch out for potential WM news!

    1. Hi Martin,

      good to hear from you again. Dunno if you'll see this reply or not but I've been in contact with Rob about doing some sort of 'retrospective' piece on WM. Would be great to have your input on it if/when the ball gets rolling on it.

      Looking forward to this potential WM news! :)

  2. Martin Mississippi1 May 2012 at 11:00

    David, yeah sounds good mate just get in touch am on facebook or via Rob. WM news may or may not come off - may have hit a hitch but hopefully it will....