Thursday 15 September 2011


Hello. We are still Cancel The Astronauts, we've still taken over Kowalskiy in mostly non-violent revolution, and -- in between shouting silly things through megaphones from the Kowalskiy palace balcony -- we've still mostly been on tour. This is what being on tour looks like:

It's thursday. That means we're in London. This is what London looks like:

It's been ace, especially now Michael has stopped vomiting in the tour bus.

Last night we played our first ever show outside of Scotland, expected just about no one to turn up, and were surprised and delighted to find that the exact opposite of no one turned up: everyone! It was loud and sweaty and some of everyone danced and one of Cancel The Astronauts was wearing a sweet t-shirt to do with astronauts.

We've also been trying out some of the cool things bands are supposed to do on tour, like having and manning a merch stand. That's cool. It is hard though. Here is Matty's first attempt at writing a pound sign:

He is a rubbish brain. Here's our eventual merch stall:

Thrilling! Although T-shirts! We've now got t-shirts. Hurrah! Some people have asked for them. We'll probably sell them through some online means when we get back off tour.

Okay, that's enough of the hard sell. Back to the photos.

We played with The Saw Doctors on Troon on Saturday.

It was tremendous. I think we might have mentioned it before on theses pages, but there were 74,000 people there. Afterwards, our bass player Neil managed to forget to put his bass back in the van, and blithely drove off to Edinburgh without it. The next night was a bit like that bit in Superman 2 where Superman lost his powers, only Neil didn't know he'd lost his powers, and spent ages looking in the back of his van for his powers. By the end of the night he was just a man. Just a man. A powerless, bassless man.

Luckily one of the volunteers for Live@Troon, Katie, in an act of extraordinary kindness for which we are forever grateful, went several miles above and beyond the call of duty and brought through to our Glasgow gig. Thanks Katie!

Neil and his bass. Balance restored to the universe. Hurrah!

Okay, apparently it is breakfast time, and the rhythm section have scouted out a suitable breakfasting experience out in That London, so More Later! and that.

Here is one more picture, of Matthew, who insisted I posted it because he thinks he looks handsome in it:

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