Monday 16 July 2012

KEP#25 - ArmellodieP

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So... funny story!  For last months' EP, I sent Al over at Armellodie Records a wee email asking whether one of his roster would be up for contributing.  He only went and offered me a full EP's worth!  Not only has it spared me a few more grey hairs from last-minute track-hunting stress, but every track he's sent is brilliant.  So, a huge thanks to Al and the eight bands involved.  Now, I know what you're thinking... EIGHT!?  Well there's a very good reason for that.  At the start of August, all eight will be appearing in various combinations at a set of Armellodie On Tour gigs around Scotland.  All the details are below, but first, here's the bands on... ArmellodieP.   

1.  The Hazey Janes - Southern Lawns (Alternative Version)

"A considerably different rendition of the album version; an idea we’ve had in the drawer for while now but only just got round to finishing. It may just be the phased mellotron, but there’s something Chris Bell sounding about it. Featuring, amongst other things, accordion, glockenspiel, harmonica, lap steel and said mellotron." - Andrew Mitchell (The Hazey Janes)

2.  Le Reno Amps - Cottonmouth Rock (In Session)

"This live version of Cottonmouth Rock was recorded for the Big British Castle around Easter time 2011. Le Reno Amps have always been a real carefree live band which seems to resonate with those lucky few, and I mean few, that come to see us play. This one’s a vicious and raw holler through the drink addled thoughts of a man cuckolded. I think it’s as a good a break-up song as any in our bleeding heart cannon, it’s got beef, and as Frank Zappa once sang, broken hearts are for assholes." - Al Nero (Le Reno Amps)

3.  Super Adventure Club - Dog With Two Dicks (In Session)

"Dog With Two Dicks Dog With Two Dicks Dog With Two Dicks Dog With Two Dicks Dog With Two Dicks Dog With Two Dicks This song is yet to be formally put to tape but has been a part of our live set for a good while. This version was recorded for Dumbstruck Studios and you can watch it here Dog With Two Dicks Dog With Two Dicks Dog With Two Dicks Dog With Two Dicks Dog With Two Dicks Dog With Two Dicks Dog With Two Dicks Dog With Two Dicks." - Mandy Clarke (Super Adventure Club)

4.  The Douglas Firs - Frameworks

"This is a song from ‘ep1’, a collection of recordings we made over the past couple of years. I really hate describing songs, particularly when they are criticising humanity and exposing my ever increasing misanthropy but here goes! Frameworks is about the difficulty with thinking outside of everything we have ever learned (or, rather, been told). on a microscopic level, everything is mimetic - even these words, for instance." - Neil Insh (The Douglas Firs)

5.  Trapped Mice - Night Of Broken Glass

"I think this might count as a protest song, but I'm not sure. I'd been in Berlin on holiday, and was trying to sort through some of the stuff I'd seen at various historical monuments and memorials etc. I’m really happy with this recording; I put the synth part high in the mix, and hopefully it stops it sounding like too much of a folk country hoe-down. I also hope the bold deployment of a shaky egg doesn't detract too much from the mood of what is supposed to be a fairly emotional song or something. Night of Broken Glass is taken from our forthcoming debut album, ‘Winter Sun’ out this winter funnily enough." - Ian Tilling (Trapped Mice)

6.  The Scottish Enlightenment - Pascal (In Session)

"A song about gambling. We recorded this version for Tom Ravenscroft in the depths of winter 2010/11, when mucky snow was piled high along the roadsides and people slept in their wellies. Our perennial comrade Dan Lyth and I dragged guitars, accordions, drums and things on sledges from the bottom of Dunfermline (the wee Asda district) to the very top (by the hospital) to record at a friends house. Roads and bridges were shut and only two of the band could be there, so Dan joined in. Then we sledged a lot of the way home." - David Moyes (The Scottish Enlightenment)

7.  Chris Devotion & The Expectations - Dead Scene (Demo)

"This was one of the B Sides to our debut single and was only available on the CD, which could only be purchased direct from us, so this is the first time it has been available for people to download. We recorded it on the hoof with the guys from Small Scale Collisions as they had use of a few hours in a studio, so they snuck us in and we bashed it out. It's about privileged, close minded idiots, a type of person you meet a lot in the music scene." - Chris Devotion

8.  Cuddly Shark - Overpriced

"This is the first song to see the light of day from our forthcoming record. A couple of months ago we were 95% done with the album, recording and mixing, when the hard-drive containing the recordings caught fire, literally our tunes were smokin’! This was the only recording that was fully salvaged. We decided to get it out into the ether before anything else went wrong and made a little video to go with it." - Colin Reid (Cuddly Shark)

Talk about kicking off my third year of free EP is style.  Once again, a huge thanks to all at Armellodie.  It goes without saying I love this label!  Here's those seven dates, the venues and the bands taking the stage.  Facebook events pages too, if you click on the links...

Thursday 2nd Aug - Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh (Super Adventure Club, The Douglas Firs and Trapped Mice)
Friday 3rd Aug - Duke's Corner, Dundee (The Hazey Janes, Le Reno Amps and Cuddly Shark)
Friday 10th Aug - The Steamboat, Lossiemouth (Chris Devotion & The Expectations, Le Reno Amps & Cuddly Sharks)
Saturday 11th Aug - The Thunderton, Elgin (Cuddly Shark, Le Reno Amps and Chris Devotion & The Expectations)

The Dundee, Lossiemouth and Elgin dates are FREE entry too!

So that's that.  All that leaves me to do is remind you to download the EP (and the other 24 while you're there) and pay Armellodie a wee visit.  If you're in a band and wanna record a special version of something for me, or contribute something else to one of my future EPs you think might tickle my fancy, then you can send me a wee email ( 

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