Saturday 3 March 2012

Kowalskiy Singles Club #12

So Valentine's is over for another year, yet it seems there's more singletons out there than usual!  Time then to hand the floor over to those harpless romantics (yes, these introductions are getting worse!). If you like what they have to say for themselves, click on the artwork, have a listen, and if you're boxes have all been ticked, get downloading! There's a bumper bevvy of beauties this time so there's gotta be one out there for you. Take it away...

Johnny and the Giros - The Day That Friction Overcame Fun
The Day That Friction Overcame Fun by Johnny and the Giros
"Young and slightly attractive males seeking other males and females to join us in watching Omnibus's (omnibi) and having private sexy raves. Loves spending Sundays in pubs and trawling social networking websites for the possibility to obtain more cyber friends. Hates feeling alone and unwanted by all of you. Ambitions - The boy who ate all the cake in that film... Yeah him." - Scott Forsyth (JATG)
With that mention of 'friction', it's clear Johnny has been on his own trawling the net for far too long! So if you fancy joining him and his Giros, maybe watch some Hollyoaks or River City omnibi at the weekend, then get clicking on the artwork. The single came out at the beginning of February and is a belter!

Capitals - Jealousy/Sinking Ships
Jealousy/Sinking Ships by Capitals
"Two Highland ex-pats seek friendship (and maybe more?) in the Big Smoke. We humbly bring you our double A-side 'Jealousy/Sinking Ships' by way of a present. With dark production, broken beats and haunting lyrics of heartache and loss, we don't wish to scare anyone off, rather express that really we're just two sensitive souls looking to find that special someone. Could it be you?" - Angus & Keir (Capitals)
Awwww, don't they sound lovely!? Not half as lovely as their double A-side though. If you loved Hello World, you'll lap this up. Don't you know it's bad manners to refuse a present...

Two Wings - Eikon
Eikon by Two Wings
"Eikon seeks some hairy fairy ears to put the 'Two' back into 'Two Wings'. Enjoys long walks in the countryside, cheap wine and cosy nights in with some dank smelling records. The featherless and/or flightless need not apply." - Owen Curtis Williams & Ben Reynolds (Two Wings)
Sucks for you flightless wonders out there!  This 2-track single is out on the 12th from twosome Two Wings.  Fans of RM Hubbert's brilliant new album may recognise the unique vocals of Hanna Tuulikki.  Ben's ain't too bade either!

"Must enjoy heavy petting from the word go. Mutual masturbation by midnight. In it for the honey. Wear Black knickers" - Pete Boggon (PET)
Oooh kinky! Talk about being unlucky in love though. This is PET's third appearance in the Singles Club. Three appearances, three brilliant tracks. As usual, it's proof they're one of the finest new bands in the country.

The Cat That Walks Alone - Push/Pull
"Mr Yin WLTM Mrs Yang for polar opposites attract. Animal magnetism a plus. Must have lovely hair and own transport." - Cameron Laing a.k.a. The Cat That Walks Alone
Feline lonely? Well spare a thought for this cat. If what Cameron say's 'pushes' your buttons, then grab your coat... you've 'pulled'. The single has been out for a few weeks, so go bag a copy pronto!

Letters - The Halfway House
The Halfway House by Letters
"5 piece dark cello pop noiseniks seek delightful young brunettes interested in a post valentine dark, medium to fast paced, throbbing 3 minute and 27 second encounter that'll have you smiling, singing and leave you crying as you deal with that all too familiar feeling of 'le petite mort'." - Mikey Ferguson (Letters)
We all know by now that Letters can do no wrong in my eyes. So it goes without saying I think their upcoming third single is suuuperb! It's out on the 19th March with their Scottish tour starting just after that.

The Draymin - Heart Attack
Heart Attack by The Draymin
"Hairy-faced strobe-lover with a dirty disco heartbeat, good mover on the dancefloor with a fondness for late nights and talking shite. WLTM something, preferably human, with a bit of stamina, sick SOH and big pair of binoculars for nights out in the bushes." - Gec Livingstone (The Draymin)
With their debut album out next month, The Draymin are giving away this track free to anyone out there with a fondness for dirty disco beats and good dance moves.  Binoculars optional!

Tom Fool - Photograph/Cold Water
Photograph/Cold Water by Tom Fool
"Newly single nob twiddler seeks compassionate listener. Must have own transport and be able to see the wood for the trees." - Rick Webster (Tom Fool)
Missing Unkle Bob yet?  I am!  But fear not, the newly-single Tom Fool is here.  With a stellar line-up comprising Unkle Bob's Rick, Gang of Four's Andy Gill and backing vocals from Eddi Reader, this double A-side promises a lot!  And it delivers.  You can get your hands on it from the 12th.

Where We Lay Our Heads - Bury You
"Glasgow foursome seeking companionship and more. If you like dancing with your hips, milkshakes, greyhounds and macaroni pies we could be the ones for you. Non smokers preferred.x" - Wull Swales (WWLOH)
I defy you to say no to a combination of greyhounds and macaroni pies! WWLOH's new single is out on the 19th of March, same day as Letters' latest offering. Why's that relevant... well, they're both on tour together, that's why! More on that on Kowalskiy in the future. Watch this space!

Plum - The Seed
The Seed by Plum
"Artistic, passionate female seeks creatively minded, big-hearted, generous and empathetic listener to share stories with...and maybe fall in love. Must enjoy gardening, planting seeds, flowers, making wishes and believe in fairies. I look forward to hearing from you." - Shona Maguire a.k.a. Plum
Oooh awkward! Both Shona and her beau (Capitals' Keir) have both supplied singles ads this month. Read into that what you will folks... Anyway, this is the title track and single from her upcoming album. Should have featured this before but I... 'plum' forgot!

Ajimal - Footnote To Love
Footnote To Love by Ajimal
"Interchangeable and shape-shifting fluid line up of members, occasionally manifest as solo artist, occasionally smothered in face paint. Likes: Beaches, Baths and Brel Dislikes: Gymnastics and lipgloss (don't ask). WLTM woman* to make child with and thereafter dedicate aforementioned song (Footnote to Love [Part One]) to aforementioned child. It is probably worth noting that embarking upon a relationship with Ajimal does mean embarking upon a potentially lifetime partnership with whosoever happens to be in the line up at that time (see Three Musketeers).

* If you happen to actually be Jacques Brel, this requirement is void, we'll find a way."
- Fran O'Hanlon a.k.a. Ajimal
Last but in no way least, is the magnificent specimen that is Ajimal. A specimen who oddly likes face paint but not lip gloss... go figure! Footnote To Love is available to pre-order now by clicking the artwork. It, and indeed all his music to date, is just phenomenal. Go get!

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