Tuesday 10 April 2012

Kowalskiy Singles Club #13

Welcome to the 13th meeting of the Kowalskiy Singles Club.  Once again, I've been beavering away trying to find the country's most recent singles to help make some matches.   Loads to choose from again so have a listen to what they've each had to say for themselves, let their dulcet tones fill your ears, then click on the artwork and get downloading!  Here we go...

Mickey 9s - Mickey 999
Mickey 999 by Mickey 9s 
"Sport nut seeks funk raisin for a muesli-and-sex themed relationship. No 69 position. Preferred posish: the 999 (threesome doggystyle). Must enjoy threesomes. Call "Mickey-999" if interested." - Dougie O'Neil (Mickey 9s)
It's guys like you Mickey... Right so, this is the new single by the Glasgow-foursome-seeking-threesome Mickey 9s.  If you're up for being the 9 in their '9 sandwich' then get clicking on the cover art pronto!

Aggi Doom - Bring Me The Head
Bring Me The Head by Aggi Doom
"Intergalactic siren from the dark planet seeks primitive love, hot voodoo and ritual sacrifice. An interest in vore is essential. Meet you at the third pyramid wearing a black carnation, come copulate while Earth fries." - Aggi Doom
A release from indie label Soft Power Records based in "the hinterland between Glasgow and Edinburgh" now.  Anyone mailing me with the phrase "ex-Remember Remember, The Royal We" is guaranteed a mention on here, especially when the track is this darn good!  It's out on the 21st May on 7" vinyl.

Lonely Tourist - I Live Where You Are
I Live Where You Are by Lonely Tourist
"Are you bubbly, outgoing, successful and one of life's winners? If so then Lonely Tourist WnotLTM you. GTF!" - Paul Tierney (Lonely Tourist)
You can take the boy out of Glasgow... and relocate him to the South of England, but you most certainly can't take Glasgow outta the boy!  This is the latest from the ex-Odeon Beatclub singer and promises A LOT from the upcoming album.  Oh, and it's FREE, well... name your price!  Just click the artwork.

Brazil Exists - Happy New Year
Happy New Year by Brazil Exists
"Lonely guy experiencing a tough time who enjoys listening to Teenage Fanclub and Idlewild while eating burritos. Seeking a companion who enjoys long walks on the beach, romantic dinners and public urination at midnight. Must have a GSOH (good sense of heartbreak) and be willing to listen to sad sad songs." - Craig Ferrie (Brazil Exists)
That's me... other than the pissing in public.  Anyway, Brazil Exists are fast-becoming an obsession of mine.  The Hermit EP, from which this track originates, is brilliant!  You can get your hands on the track by clicking the usual place, and if it floats your boat, the EP can be bought here.

Homework - Thoughts
Thoughts by Homework
"Free and Single WLTM downloader with valid email address for NSA purchase" - Oli Kass (Homework)
Now that is witty.  The band have clearly being doing their... Homework, when it comes to music-related-singles ads!  This is their follow-up single to last years All That Glitters EP (available here).  It's predictably great, and that cover art (which incidentally, you can click to download the track for free) is freaky as fuck.  Good freaky though.

Now for something a wee bit different. It seems we have a shy single in our ranks. So, I've taken it upon myself, with said shy singleton's permission of course, to write one for them in an attempt to send some love their way. They're really nice you see, and sound f**king hot! Besides, you know what they say about the shy ones...

Cancel The Astronauts - Intervention
Intervention by Cancel The Astronauts
"Five shy and lovably-odd musicians seek companionship, maybe more, in the nation's Capital. Must appreciate facial hair and love tight-fitting red sportswear. GSOH, CTA, KFC a must, in return for any two from the following: brilliantly crafted pop songs, facial hair, many an eyeful of tight-fitting red sportswear, life-size Cheryl Cole nee Tweedy cut-outs, a shop-soiled cuddly toy, Intervention singles (please be aware this requires payment in full beforehand)." - Kowalskiy (Official Cancel The Astronauts groupie)
I believe Cancel The Astronauts would have said something similar to be honest. OK, onto the single itself. It's the fourth release from the CTA lads and once again, they've outdone themselves. Great to see a band still doing the 'proper' single thing and releasing two new B-sides, in this case the equally-brilliant Echoes of Love and The Hardest Thing. I take my hat off to you CTA. Sorry I said you were odd. I did say lovably-so though.

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