Sunday 22 July 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v17.0

Time for the latest notcast now.  I'll level with you... I've not really paid much attention to the recent goings-on on SoundCloud this week.  So, instead of the usual, this weekend the notcast will have more of a Thistly twist.  This time next Saturday, down in Dunbar, Thistly Fest 2012 will be well under way with one of the finest line-ups there is going.  So here's my pick of the acts...

First up, the organisers also made good use of SoundCloud and ran a competition to pick the final two acts for the festivities.  In the end, the lovely Yaya Club and Cafe Disco (who are just as lovely) triumphed.  Both great choices if you ask me.  So here's Darren Vincent, a.k.a. Yaya Club to kick us off.

Darren's also put up this video to accompany the track.  Next up, is Glasgow's Cafe Disco with their brilliant Terra Nova.  If my snooping has served me right, they'll be playing the acoustic stage.  If you're planning on heading to the festival... best check for yourselves though.

As well as these two, there's a whole host of amazing Scottish bands on show.  None more amazing than the band of the hour, Meursault.  Their new album Something For The Weakened is their best yet.  Gone may be 'computer guy' and with him, their unique glitchy, electro (just don't call them electro-folk) side, but that's not stopped Mr. Pennycook from producing one of Scotland's finest albums in years!  Here's lead single Flittin' to prove my point.

Be sure to get a hold of the single and/or album over at Song, by Toad Records on CD or vinyl.  As well as Meursault, Edinburgh bands FOUND, Capitals and Woodenbox will also be gracing Belhaven Farm with their presence.  All of whom are firm favourites at Kowalskiy HQ, but I guess I don't seem to feature FOUND as much as the others... so here's one from them... Anti-Climb Paint from their album Factorycraft.

...which you can buy here.  You should also head over here to find out more about #UNRAVEL... possibly one of the most intriguing gigs of the year!  Should probably mention though that Woodenbox have a superb new EP out called The Vanishing Act, and Capitals have new single All These Years out too. 

Last track now from the fantastic Kitty The Lion.  You can get hold of their recent single Duck! over on iTunes, and while you're there I'd recommend you get hold of the others too.  You'll be happier for it!

So that's just a taste of what to expect if you're off to Thistly Fest.  All the info is over here including the full line-up.   Good food, good cider, and great music... what more could you ask for?!   You can still get tickets over here if it tickles your fancy!

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