Sunday 22 April 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v7.0

Shall we have another half-a-dozen tracks that have been tickling my fancy on SoundCloud over the last week?  Apology Korner is slightly different this week, in that I've never actually promised the artist anything and never delivered.  More like I've just never made an effort to feature them.  Which is a bit strange given that everytime I've heard Julia and the Doogans I've been bowled over with sheer delight!  She bakes a kick-ass cupcake too!

Those Things takes pride of place on their new Diamonds EP which is out now over here with optional posters, fridge magnets and tote bags.  No cupcakes though.  I suppose they don't post that well.  Right, from one mesmerising voice to another.  It's the lovely Louise Connell a.k.a. Reverieme.  She should be no stranger to you, dear readers.  She too has some equally lovely music you can buy in the form of her Melodies album.  Alas, there's no tote bags (Huh... that's just lazy Louise!  Get your finger out!), but the download itself is a bargain.   It features the stunning Water In My Eyes, which is below in live form.

I will never tire of hearing that song!  Moving onto track three now, we have another artist earning a long-overdue first mention on Kowalskiy... esperi.  Here's a track which popped up on SoundCloud recently, and it's brilliant.  Have a listen, then head on over here to hear/buy some more. 

Now onto the band who produced my album of 2011, Happy Particles.  Turns out, they're one of the longlisted bands for the inaugural SAY (Scottish Album of the Year) Award.  Fingers crossed!  I had a wee look, and the two album tracks they once had up are no longer there.  Fear not though, they still have this gem.

You can buy their amazing Under Sleeping Waves album from their Bandcamp, from iTunes and I see from various Music Shop Day tweets yesterday that there's physical copies doing the rounds now.  OK, two more then I'm off.  I know virtually nothing about Naked Strangers other than they're from Ullapool and have an EP out called Social Lubricant which I can't seem to find any links too.  Anyhoo, the three tracks from it that are on SoundCloud are really good.  Here's one of them!

You have no ideas what sites I came across when I Googled "Naked Strangers Social Lubricant".  Some people are just sick!  Some now have an extra follower... right, last track!  Yusuf Azak is awesome.   Here's his cover of PJ and Duncan's Stepping Stone.  Only joking.  Disappointingly, it's not, but this is every bit as impressive! As are these... and this.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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