Monday 25 June 2012

Battle Of The Bands

In the red corner, weighing in at 140lbs, the man, the mystery, the Nuclear Knockout... Kowalskiiiiiyyyy!  And in the blue corner, tipping the scales at... it was too rude to ask... his finger's always on the Pulse, the Barrhead Bruiser... Scottisshhh Fiiiiictonnn!
Hey folks!  Let this serve as your advance warning.  On Tuesday, the 3rd of July, two of Scottish music's super-blogging-bantamweights, namely myself and Neil from Scottish Fiction, will be going head-to-head in the first heat of our new fortnightly feature Battle Of The Bands.  Exciting eh?

In a Scottish music twist to the cherished, childhood card game (one which was not only 'top' of the card game charts but well and truly 'trumped' all its competitors), Neil and I will each select a band or artist every two weeks and do battle using only their vital stats as cannon fodder.  Here's the all important rules of play:

  • Each bandcard contains 6 attributes as shown opposite.  As an example, I've chosen myself.  As you can see, I'd make a shit band!
  • Each fortnight, both Neil and I will pick a band or an artist who have been floating our respective boats recently and we'll fill out our bandcards.
  • Each round, one of us then picks 3 attributes (dibs alternates each month).  Whoever has the highest attribute wins that mini-duel.
  • For the TOTAL attribute, the winning condition is always the lowest.  See, there will have to be some sort of strategy and a lot more gambling involved in this than you thought!
  • One point is awarded for each attribute won, and a half-point is awarded to both players in the result of a draw.
  • The winner is the person who has the most points after each attribute has been compared and points have been toted up.
  • The winner has irrevocable bragging rights until the next heat.
  • No kicking, scratching and/or pulling of hair.
  • And lastly, no crying when you get absolutely spanked Neil!

Battle commences the 3rd of July. Bring it on Neil!

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