Monday 19 September 2011

Goodbye from your hosts, CTA

Ey up. It's the last CTA takeover thingimy, in which we have returned from tour back to Edinburgh and rubbish normal stuff like work and washing machines and having to feel guilty about eating four brambly apple pies in a day.
We wont keep you long -- Mr Kowalskiy is waiting in the wings (likely preparing to wield a large comedy walking stick at this point, to be honest) eager to come back and restore a bit of quality and sanity and real interviewees and whatnot to his blog -- but we thought it was important to take this last moment and have a proper moan about the weather in Edinburgh: it's stupidly cold! Also overcast! It's so bad I've quite literally had to put the heating on. What's that about? This is nothing at all like in London, where we were, on tour -- did we mention? -- where it was so warm folks were all drinking in the streets, getting all tanned and suchforth, at, like, midnight. And we thought it was our jobs, as mostly Scotsmen, do to all the drinking in the streets in London.
Also, we'll should say massive thank yous to loads of folks, not least Mr Kowalskiy for patiently letting us fill up his blog with our nonsense, but also to the fantastic, handsome bands who played our launch shows -- Over The Wall, Poor Things, My Tiny Robots, The Bad Books -- the promoters who agreed to put us on, the generous folks who gave us the use of their beds and sofas and floors and boozes, and everyone who came to our shows and made them such fun. Thanks yous!
Finally massive big thanks to mosaiclawns who recorded most of our set at The Wilminton Arms and uploaded it to the internets. Thanks! Here's it:

Thanks for watching and reading! We're off to finish our album now.

Lots of Love,

Cancel The Astronauts

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