Sunday 6 May 2012

An Archdiocese Moth Stomp

Hello, my name is John. Amongst other things, I make music in a group called The Machine Room - this is some of what we do:

So here are some of the tunes I’ve been listening to on SoundCloud, some more well known that others but good music is good music and so on and so forth.

Pretty heart-wrenching need I say.

Now it gets cheeky but let’s face it…

Now I’m floating.

I like this.

I love this. Shortly after I first heard this track I found out they’d played Glasgow the previous night. Bloody typical.

I came across this song late on a Sunday evening. Seemed to touch a nerve with the weekend’s happenings. Its mood reminded of Neil Young’s Harvest. It’s reflective, silky to my ears and sounds human which is something which is often missing in modern recordings. Note to self.

Cheers and Cheerio.

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