Sunday 23 September 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v21.0

Thanks to holidays and work, we're long overdue a wee trip through the latest happenings on SoundCloud.  So here goes!  There's been an unusually high amount of great Scottish albums released in the last few weeks, so in this notcast, I'll pay homage to five of my favourites.  Let's kick things off with one I've mentioned a few times already... and my favourite of the bunch if I was forced to pick.  Here's one of the many standout tracks from Animal Love Match, the debut from the lovely Cancel The Astronauts.

The superb album can be bought over here.  While you're off buying that one, you're as well heading over here to buy the stunning debut, Under Mountains, released on the same day by Carrbridge songstress Rachel Sermanni.  

Now, if you're thinking "that's a pretty good day for Scottish albums", you'd be right.  But that's just the half of it!   The same day as those two hit the shelves, the latest from The State Broadcasters was released via Olive Grove Records.  Here's recent single Kittiwake for you to listen to.  If you're suitable impressed (and why wouldn't you be!), you can get your hands on the album Ghosts We Must Carry over here

And... AND!! That wasn't all.  Scottish hip-hoppers Stanley Odd also released their latest album Reject on the very same day... September the 17th if you're interested.  You know me, I'm not really into all that Icy T and Scoopy Scoopy Dogg Dogg kinda thing, but this album surprised me... must be those dulcet Scottish tones that make all the difference! 

Reject can be snapped up over here.   If the last one left me pleasantly surprised, then this one was no surprise at all.  The mini50 label doesn't tend to release anything that doesn't float my boat.  And their latest release The Awkward Hello, Handshake, Kiss by Edinburgh three-piece Hiva Oa is no different.   Badger, streaming below, is a gorgeous, haunting wee number, something which can be said for their debut album as a whole.   It's available over here.  So, yeah... that's pretty much it.  Hope some, if not all, of these float your boats too!
   Badger by Hiva Oa

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