Sunday 12 August 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v20.0

Howdy folks!  Enjoy this, because it'll be my last notcast for a month or so.  I'll try and get someone special to put together a guest one next weekend, but after that, I'll be off on holiday.  So there'll be even less replies to emails... none in fact!   And the same goes for my twitter procrastinating... you'll just have to go elsewhere for that for a while!

So first up this week won't come as a surprise given I've already been quite vocal on twitter and Facebook about it.  We first heard from Niall Morris a.k.a. CUR$ES almost exactly a year ago.  Recently he's been giving away the odd track or two on SoundCloud, all great.  This one though is outstanding!

As the link above says, the dwnld link is in the description.  This has been a great week for releases thanks in no small part to Forres' finest, Be Like Pablo, who released their debut album... for FREE!  The New Adventures will appeal to fans of American indie bands like Oh No! Oh My! and The Little Ones, and to those of us who long for a return of the days when Weezer were good.  You can get the album by signing up over here.  In terms of the tracks on there, this is my favourite.  A sweeter set of boy/girl vocals you'll be hard pushed to find.

I did say it was a good week for releases... well, I include in that the news I've been waiting for for aaaaagggeeeesss... the debut album from the one, the only, Cancel The Astronauts.   It's called Animal Love Match.  It's out on the 17th of September.  It's got chickens on the front cover, and it is clucking brilliant!  It'll be reviewed, yes you heard me correctly, reviewed in due course.  You can pre-order it over here and get your hands on a free download of Making Dynamite.  You can stream the whole album here, but below there's a stream of one of the many, many standouts, Intervention.

I'm straying south of the border a bit now to bring you this beauty from Newcastle's Tessera Skies.  I'll admit to knowing absolutely nothing about them.  But when the musical genius that is Ajimal favourites something, it's always worth checking out. 

I think we'll just be having the five tracks this week.  Five's a good number.  Speaking of 'five', the latest in a certain series of free five track Scottish EPs will be out on Thursday... just saying!  Besides, it's bloody warm and the longer I sit here, the wetter the backs of my knees are getting.  Not good!  So we shall end this week's notcast with this, the debut single from Dunfermline's Middleton Hall.  It's FREE to download, and I think you'll agree it's rather lovely! 

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