Friday 6 July 2012

Kowalskiy Singles Club #16

Who's ready for some more lonely-heart action?!  This time 'round I've sought out more singletons to try and woo you. If you like what they have to say for themselves, you know the drill by now... click on the artwork, have a listen, and get better acquainted. Here they are...

SOS - Carry On Suzie
Carry On Suzie by SOS
"You boys can keep your virgins. Give me hot old women in high heels with asses that forgot to get old. Phoney bastards need not apply." - SOS
They know what they like these Glasgow boys.  I'll give 'em that!  This is the new FREE single from the artists formerly known as Strawberry Ocean Sea. It's the first to be taken from their new EP A Challenge To The Dark due out later in the year.

Supermarionation - Choosing My Religion / How It Remains
Choosing My Religion / How It Remains by Supermarionation
"Confirmed internet hobos WLTM equally lost souls for late night ear destruction hopefully leading to more meaningful encounters. No significant baggage but may occasionally hark back to a simpler time. GCH, DG, BALC and MEIK. GSOH essential but not required as in for the long haul. Percussive love-making a deal breaker, photos on request." - Steven Tonge (Supermarionation)
No idea what any of those mean, other than the GSOH one.  Still, if it's just some late night ear destruction you're after, then get clicking on the artwork and help yourself to this FREE download courtesy of the Supermarionation boys and Six Take No Records.   

The Mouse That Ate The Cat - I Am The Hottest Fire
I Am The Hottest Fire by The Mouse That Ate The Cat
"Pair of lonely, miserable sad-sacks seek comfort from sympathetic ears - you don't need to love us, you just need to listen." - TMTATC
Tugs at the heart strings doesn't it?!  Well, this is the latest from Glasgow's elesctro-indie-popsters The Mouse That Ate The Cat.  The single's not out until the 23rd of July, but you can stream it over on their SoundCloud.  Once it's got 100 listens I'm assured they'll upload the 'explicit' version, the 200 listens gets you the B-side Ou Les Morts Est Sont Des Dieux which I'm also assured translates as something "borderline embarrassing".

We Are The Physics - Goran Ivanisevic
Goran Ivanisevic by We Are The Physics
"Four visually impaired con-artists masquerading as musicians seek like-minded social lepers for shrine-building, tennis-watching and erratic leg movements. GSOH and an impeccable understanding of English broken must a. Willing to travel within radius of 11 parsecs. No Tim Henmans." - We Are The Physics
As a physicist, I've always been drawn to fellow Weegies We Are The Physics. This homage to the one-time Wimbledon champion is a taster from their second album due out later in the year.  Boy do these guys make one helluva racquet!  It is a belter though!  You can have a listen over here and click the artwork to go buy it!  There's also the brilliant video over here.  

The Dead Man's Waltz - Emmeline
Emmeline by The Dead Man's Waltz
"Corpses of four musicians, deceased early 20th century, seek spiritual/surgical shoulder to cry on over various past relationship catastrophes. Interests: historical novels, true crime, amateur chemistry. Necrophilia 'not off the table' ". - The Dead Man's Waltz
Hope they've cleaned that table!  This is Skye quartet The Dead Man's Waltz.  Intriguing to say the least.  Very much in the Beirut or early Decemberists mould if you ask me.  Sound just as good too.  This is a single from their eponymous album which you can buy here.   You can get Emmeline itself/herself here and the stunning video is over here for you to wonder at.  

Shambles Miller - Confessions
Confessions by Shambles Miller
"Loquacious bearded idiot seeks good listener for long nights listening to stories about why he's actually a better beatboxer than everyone thinks and how Les Miserables isn't just an ordinary musical. Must appreciate really good David Bowie impressions and be willing to engage in in-depth conversations about time travel. An affinity for lyrical folky-pop and acoustic ballads with a GSOH: preferable but not essential. Must have own teeth." - Shambles Miller
Something of a Lothario these days is Mr. Miler, jdging my his recent dating exploits. This is his latest single which you can get your grubby hands on by clicking the artwork.

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