Thursday 8 September 2011

Cancel The Astronauts Take Over

Hello there. It's all of the band Cancel The Astronauts here, and by Sheer Force of Emails and also Passwords and Prior Arrangement we've done gone taken over Kowalskiy for a bit. Hurray! It's all amicable, don't worry. Mr Kowalskiy is just having an entirely voluntary bit of a sit down this week. He deserves it.

I think there's plans afoot for other bands take over and 'be Kowalskiy' in the future; this is just the first example of it. Supposing it doesn't go horribly wrong on a technical level, internet-aflame stylee, here is what you can expect from us - the trailblazing Cancel The Astronauts! - while we are 'being Kowalskiy':

- expert semi-colon use
- some manner of tour diary
- other stuff

Who are you to resist? Okay, okay, maybe we've not quite nailed down every detail yet, but it'll still be ace. I imagine it'll be a bit like when those popstars you read about hug a 3am girl or a Bizarre man in the paper, and then 'take over' and fill two page spreads with amusing fluff about other popstars' hair or boyfriends or meatdresses or clinical depression or whatever, peppered with the occasial catty comment 'cos That's How Gossip Columns Work After All and at the end of the day they've got a single to shill.

In other news, we've got a single to shill. Hurrah! It's our first ever one, it's called Seven Vices, and you can listen and maybe even buy it through this portal here. Go on!

We promise not to mention it every seven minutes, but we'd just like to point out that it has been described as 'musical gold' by no less a judge than the currently reclining author of this very blog.

'Musical Gold'.

Ahem. Also Jim from Ayetunes said it was 'probably the best I've heard Cancel the Astronauts on record '. That's nice.

Okay. We've officially stopped talking about our single now. Sorry.

We're going on tour! I've mentioned that. We leave tommorow. It's very exciting. Today, a nice man delivered to us a tour van, which we should probably call Apollo 7 (Vices) or something. He drove all the way from Glasgow on his birthday to drop it off - which proves his niceness - and one of the non-driving 2/5ths of the band made a careful count of its wheels, admired the unexpected microwave, made a mental note of which gear it will agree to go up hills in, promptly forgot which gear it will agree go up hills in, and signed the contract making Apollo 7 (Vices) ours for the next ten days. Later, he even read that contract.

Killer anecdote, I know. I should have put 'killer anecdotes' in the stuff to expect from us section. Hang on.

- Killer anecdotes

Right. More on our tour, from a series of increasing exciting locations, in a series of no doubt increasingly frazzled dispatches, as the week goes on. Tomorrow, we're playing The Captain's Rest in Glasgow, with Over The Wall and Poor Things. Come along!

If you're interested, you can find a full list of our tour dates over on our own blog, which is pink and here.

More Tomorrow!

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