Thursday 29 September 2011

Kowalskiy Singles Club #8

Boy, do I have a cracking bunch of 'singles' for you this time 'round!  If any of them sound your type, and you fancy finding out a wee bit more, then click on the artwork and get downloading.  Your new favourite track may be just a click away...

Tanera Heights - The Arrow's In Flight
Your Control by Tanera Heights
"3 naive earthlings seek a hearty human open to wild flings which inevitably result in totalitarian regimes. Must be willing to share a dellusional world where greco-roman wrestling between Jaunty pirate shanties and outdated emotional electrical storms is a common afrodisiac." - Colin Tarbat (Tanera Heights)
And who wouldn't be willing to share that delusion??  First up this time 'round is a track from Strathpeffer's finest's second EP The Arrow's In Flight.  The EP is out now.  Just click the artwork opposite... or here for FREE.

Miniature Dinosaurs - Alligator
Alligator by Miniature Dinosaurs
"It's not easy being green. Far from home, gorgeous Floridian seeks someone special to stop all this lying low and put some bite back into my life. Let's get together... and make it snappy." - Alban Dickson (Miniature Dinosaurs)
One of my favourite bands have come up trumps once again.  In fact, they're 'scaling' new heights with this track.  So, if you love puns (and who doesn't!) and cracking songs then you'll this!  Snap it up now.

Collar Up Short Term MemoriesShort Term Memories by Collar Up
"Self-proclaimed "Best Dancer in Edinburgh" seeks room full of urban loners for collective experience of ethereal happiness." - Stephen (Collar Up)
A great wee FREE track from Collar Up courtesy of Permwhale Records.  If you wanna share some... short term memories with them, then you can get a preview of the track by watching the video here!  I see very little evidence to back up this 'Best Dancer' label.  I'm dubious to say the least...

Run Lucky Free - The Factory
The Factory by Run Lucky Free
"“Poor little rich girl socialite seeking eccentric male with an eye for unconventional art. Must have a taste for toxic substances, exploitation, and a keen interest in cans of soup. A love of Velvet Underground, bananas and silver lined rooms is essential. Bob Dylan fans need not apply.”" - Rachael Cormack (Run Lucky Free)
Run Lucky Free's The Factory is out on the 3rd of October, the same day they kick off their Scottish tour up in Skye.  You can get all the details from here. Keep an eye on this lot!

Zoey Van Goey - You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate (GRNR Remix)
City Is Exploding (We Were Promised Jetpacks Remix) by Zoey Van Goey
"So-called Indie-pop foursome, all demons in the sack, seek partner(s) age 18-100, height 40-400cm for fiery romance and possible law-breaking. Must be into BSG, ST:TNG, and SW:IV-VI (if you're I-III then don't bother replying). LOVE, ZVG" - Zoey Van Goey
More of a SG man myself.  Anyway, I mentioned their limited-edition remix EP last week, but here's an extra plea from ZVG for all you indie-pop-loving midgets and giants out there.

This Silent Forest - The Fight
The Fight by This Silent Forest
"Very active 20 something(s) with multiple personality disorder. Seeks good listener(s), with open mind and a interests in beards, xbox, outdoor sports, quoting film lines and arguing about all things musical. Must be able to hold their own with witty banter and appreciate easily excitable personalities." - Graeme ' Squirrel' Macdonald (This Silent Forest)
Fresh from their 30 song, Song A Day Challenge, Squirrel and the rest of This Silent Forest have a new single out NOW!  Only those adept at bantering witterally need apply.  I'll rule myself out of that one shall I!?!

Laurence and the Slab Boys - Chinese Burns
"Tall-ish, leftist carnivore seeks likeminded person or persons for long drives, movies and possible self-flagellation. Must like dressing-up and be comfortable with others watching. Previous applicants need not apply. " - Larry Reid (Laurence and the Slab Boys)
Did you know:  'Wee Baz' from Miniature Dinosaurs was once the drummer in one of Larry Reid's bands??  Well now you do.  'Tis a small world!  Anyhoo, Larry has 'tidied' up Chinese Burns and made it available for free download.  That's just the kinda guy he is.  Find out more about him and his efforts to grow a beard over on his blog.

Franc Cinelli - Fortune Teller Song
Fortune Teller Song by Franc Cinelli
"Happy go lucky fortune telling troubadour, seeks smart fun curvy female to dance on top of a moving train...promises harmonica's, booze, and Goodtimes!!" - Franc Cinelli
Goodtimes indeed if you know what I mean!  If not, then I mean that this is a free album teaser from The Artist Formerly Known As Goodtimes Goodtimes.  It's a great track, as I've said before, so go get!  He may also tell your fortune on twitter if you so desire...

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