Wednesday 19 September 2012

Kowalskiy's Free Monthly 5-track Scottish EP #27

I know, I know... I'm late.  Anyhoo, feast your eyes above!  That was my view two weeks ago... isn't it pretty?  As usual though, the artwork has got absolutely nothing to do with the five artists on this month's free EP.   It's another great wee line-up featuring five firm favourites of mine.  Four lo-fi lovelies, and one 'new adventure' in hi-fi.  Here ya go! 

1.  King Post Kitsch - The Party's Over (demo) (A demo version of the title track of KPK's debut album... which isn't even on the album.  Confused?  Don't be.  Just enjoy this lo-fi gem!)

"This track was supposed the close my first album, then I recorded a track called 'Closing Time' which felt more appropriate. I kept the title for the album, but the song has no home. I'll still play it live though, starting with a gig in November, and maybe some new music. Details soon." - Charlie a.k.a. King Post Kitsch

2.  Bottle Of Steven - Just A Glance (A great new track from the bottled half of Bottle Of Evil.  Check out his own FREE EP here.)

"This is my attempt of a new live sound, cheers for the confusion that allowed this to fall out from my brain into binary form ;)" - Steven McGilvary a.k.a. Bottle Of Steven

3.  Be Like Pablo - Between The Lines (The closing track from their great, FREE, debut album The New Adventures.)

"Between the Lines is closing track from our debut album The New Adventures. We describe the song as doo-wop through a fuzz pedal with lyrics about essay writing. The New Adventures is available now as a FREE digital download via" - Ross Watson (Be Like Pablo)

4.  Greyhound Out Of Mainline - I Can Only Disappoint U (A cracking, miserablist Mansun cover from a man with one of the best stage names going!)

"I Can Only Disappoint U is one of those songs which shouldn't ever have been so good. Mansun were a band falling apart at the time, with Paul about to discover a malignant tumour in his finger, and the resultant album (Little Kix) was mostly a complete mess. It's almost worth it for this track alone, though - the melody is sublime, and it's dripping with all sorts of beauty and sadness and self-loathing. I hope this (even more) miserablist cover does it some justice.  Oh, should have said - the little recording at the end of the Disappoint U cover is me drunk and staggering back up the stairs to my flat, whistling the genius that is 'Cinnamon' by Tripwires. As you do." - Ally Winford a.k.a. Greyhound Out Of Mainline

5.  tom - boy2 (Self confessed "Scottish boy who writes music that nobody listens to".  That's gotta change!  This is the brilliant closer from tom's FREE Ohneiros album.)

"boy² follows the same theme of insomnia that is present throughout Ohneiros; the album from which it comes. It was written after the album was finished and after I had cut someone out of my life for good. It was the last song written and works thus as good closure/album closer. Ohneiros is free btw. Please take it - thanks" - tom

So yeah, sorry again about the slight delay.  Hopefully you'll agree it's been well worth it!  Cheers to all of the above for contributing this month.   If you fancy your free copy, click the artwork above, or here for that matter.  Whichever floats your boat.  While you're there, there's another 26 for you to have a listen to and download for FREE.

I think I'm actually set for October's EP... just have to gently prod those bands who are on my list.  If they're all on board... WOW!  But, there's plenty more EPs, so if you fancy contributing a track to one of them, send me a wee email ( and I'll see what we can do!  

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