Tuesday 3 July 2012

Battle Of The Bands: Round 1

And so begins, not only the Battle Of The Bands, but quite possibly, the Battle Of The Century.  In years to come, people may even refer to it as 'The Square-Go in Glasgow'.  As we revealed a few weeks ago, Neil, from the fantastic Scottish Fiction blog, and I will be going head-to-head every fortnight... Top Trump stylee!  With a Scottish music twist of course.  The all-important rules of play are over here.  So without much further ado... ding ding, Round 1!

To kick off my ultimately-successful campaign, French Wives have joined Team Kowalskiy.  Over in the Scottish Fiction's corner, Neil roped in Dundee's Seams.  Neil also had first dibs on choosing the three attributes we'd be playing with this round.  He went for Number of Members, Twitter Follow Ratio and TOTAL.  To recap, it's highest wins, except for the TOTAL one, where the lowest triumphs.   The winner gets one point per winning attribute, with a half point each for a draw.  Here's how these two great bands shape up (Disclaimer: all stats correct at time of battle).

And the result of Round 1, on a points decision...  is a draw.  That's right, after all the trash talk and mental sparring, we both ended up with 1.5 points each.  French Wives done me proud with their superior Twitter Follow Ratio, but their point-heavy Scrabble score and age did nothing for my TOTAL.  And both bands couldn't be separated on Number of Members.  It would appear The Fiction's challenge hasn't come apart at the Seams just yet.

So, it's honours even between me and Neil after Round 1, but it's not really about me or Neil.  No, it's about the bands.  So, here's a plug or two from our two pop pugilists, starting with Team Kowalskiy's French Wives who recently released their long-awaited, much-anticipated, subsequently-amazing, debut album Dream Of The Inbetween.  Here's my favourite track from it. 

It is indeed, "a numbers thing".  Well, a number thing.   That number being one-and-a-half it would appear.  You can get your hands on the album over here.  Before you do that though, here's another belter from Seams.  It's my first time featuring these Dundonian young 'uns.  Definitely won't be the last!  Their debut Colours & Maps EP is out and can be bought from iTunes, Amazon MP3, or you can stream it here for the Spotifiers out there.  A few gigs coming up too, so check those out over here.
All that's left now is to thank Neil for a hard-fought first round.  I'm having you in Round 2 though mate.  Let battle continue on July 17th

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