Sunday 1 July 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v15.0

No shite intro this week.  Instead, let's get straight into the first track from Dolfinz.  It's a free taster from Song, by Toad's recent split 12" with PAWS, Sex Hands and Waiters.  You can read more about it over here, and get your hands on it here.
What was that about guitar music being dead?!   If that's not enough, the wonderful Mr. Toad is also gearing up for the release on Meursault's third album Something For The Weakened.  First up though, is the 7" release of lead single Flittin' which can be bought here.  Probably their finest moment to date I hope you'll agree... until you hear the album that is.

The album will follow on the 16th of July but you can pre-order it from Song, by Toad Records on CD or vinyl, or you can treat yourself to a limited edition boxset if you're feeling flash.  Right, that's enough music of an amphibious nature.  Here's a track from the brilliant Saint Max's EP.

An EP which is frighteningly good!  Next up, here's something new from Kill The Waves that went up on SoundCloud a week or so ago.  They'll be releasing new single Oak Tree in July via Glasgow's Strange Fish Records.  Here's the B-side Friend.  I love this track!  Can't wait for the album!

Call me lazy, but I think we'll just have 5 tracks this week.   What better way to round things up than with this beauty from Rachel Sermanni, someone I don't feature half as much as I should around here.   Her Black Currents EP (available here) is one of the must-buys of the year, and according to the email I got yesterday, her album Under Mountains, will be with us in October.   Enjoy!

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