Wednesday 6 June 2012

Kowalskiy SIngles Club #15

And now for the return of your favourite, infrequent delve into the country's musical singles market.  We're nearing the 100th single don't you know!  Not yet though, maybe next time 'round.  Until then, here's another batch of singles looking to tickle your ivories, pluck your strings or God-willing, maybe even blow your trumpet!  What you get up to once you've clicked the artwork and followed these links is entirely up to you!  Take it away singletons...

Naked Strangers - Knife Gang Shop Raid
Knife Gang Shop Raid by Naked Strangers
"Five dedicated nudists seek likeminded strangers for induction into mystical eastern sex-pact. Knowledge of local dogging spots a must. Do you enjoy love under bridges, fumbling on buses, knitted lingerie and consensual human sacrifice to a higher cause? Then please, get in touch." - Mark Stockl (Naked Strangers)
Apparently that ad's been in the local papers for a while with no success.  So, if you're up for meeting some Naked Strangers for a touch of NSA fumbling and sacrificial happenings, then this is the track for you.  It's the first of a trilogy of tracks this lot will be releasing.  I've heard them all.  They get better and better!

Thank You So Nice - Let's Make Money
Let's Make Money by Thank You So Nice
"Two socially awkward history anoraks seek equally awkward significant others with a penchant for discussing French critical theory. One hyper multi-lingual hourglass with a penchant for dress-up seeks pie chef. In all cases troubadours need not apply." - TYSN
What a lovely polite bunch Thank You So Nice sound.  Their tracks do too you'll be glad to know.  This FREE three-track download was recorded at Swanfield Studios and is out now.  Non-troubadours click the artwork for your copy.   

North American War - Ivory And/Geraniums On A Spit
Ivory And/Geraniums on a Spit by North American War
"Ivor and Gerry, bored couple, 45, recently split /made single (we were singing in different keys). Petite, slim, good fit for all u players. Ivor's feedback just wasn't having Gerry's la-la-la's. On the flip side failure 2 harmonise begs the question: Are U the 1 to take us for a spin? ;-) faster please!" - Anna (North American War)
Now that all sounds a bit swingerish doesn't it??  North American War  released their debut EP through Winning Sperm Party a while back.  This is the follow-up double A-side for all those willing to take them for a spin!

Sacre Noir - She Can't Take It
She Can't Take It by Sacre Noir
"Film Noir / David Lynch fan seeks similar. Must not be afraid of twisted clowns or broken dolls, dark spaces or catchy riffs. Single & ready to rock your world – based in Edinburgh, but willing to travel. Don’t believe the hype “She Can’t Take It” – find out for yourself!" - Carrie Beattie (Sacre Noir)
It's not often you hear the words "Female fronted dark electronica" around these parts.  This lot are based in Edinburgh and they have an album out later this month if this tickles your fancy.  Here's the video to go with it!

The State Broadcasters - Trespassers
Trespassers by The State Broadcasters
"Suffer from seasonal affective disorder? Looking for love? Trying to quit smoking? Let State Broadcasters help you. We'll warm your heart and tickle your nose until you fall head over heels in love with us. We already love you, yes, yes we do." - Graeme Black (The State Broadcasters)
And they're back!  If, like me, you loved their debut album The Ship And The Iceberg, then this will be right up your street.  They're the most recent addition to the Olive Grove roster and if this is anything to go by, that's quite a coup!  It's out for FREE on the 11th  of June.  The launch gig is at The Captain's (Rest) on the 14th June with Randolph's Leap and "special guests".  Intriguing...

"Two is company but three is a small business! Yup let's get serious and have a threesome! Bring a pen!" - PET
This is the fourth time that one fifth of my tips for 2012 have been on here.  Talk about playing the field... this mob love being single.  It's another impressive beast, fit to soundtrack the filthiest of threesomes! Out to download soon.  Watch this space!

The Sunset Clause - Lover's Eyes / These Nights
Lover's Eyes / These Nights by The Sunset Clause
"16 strings and 2 sticks looking to find someone who don't see nothing wrong with a little bump 'n' grind. We don't like to boast, but we can all catch Haribo in our mouths and one of us can grow a real moustache." - Michael McFadyen (The Sunset Clause)
Please note, other kids-and-grown-ups-beloved gummy sweets are available.  As for these two songs, they're two of the best I've heard this year.  Kudos to The Pop Cop for drawing my attention to them.  This is the debut double A-side.  Expect to hear a whole lot more!

Yaya Club - An Ode To JJ/Fat Man's Chin
An Ode To JJ/Fat Man's Chin by Yaya Club
"Self-confessed Woody Allen look-a-like seeks fan of quirky self-deprication for heavy petting and possible earjobs. Must not have a sense of humour." - Darren Vincent (Yaya Club)
No sooner had I noticed the announcement from the Kircudbright Tape Club, clicked the link and had a listen, than I get an email from Darren. Spooky!  This "lo-fi-quirk-folk-pop" gem is FREE to download so get clicking the artwork. 

Ravena - Michael (We Really Should Go)
Michael (We Really Should Go) by Ravena
"Four self-loathing Scottish lads seek the company of someone new. Desperately lacking the confidence of some of our more handsome friends, but we don't really talk about that. Love for clumsy dancing preferred. Mutual lamp fetish a must." - Noel McMonagle (Ravena)
Could you be something new?  If so, what are you waiting for!  Click on the artwork and get your hands on this 3-track FREE single.  I mentioned this before, but it's a very impressive debut from this Glasgow quartet. More of the same please lads!

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