Sunday 15 July 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok... with Jo & Scott

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed my lack of notcast last Sunday. The reasons for that were two-fold. First up, I was busy watching Andy Murray becoming Roger Federer's bitch... again, and secondly, I forgot to 'Reply-All' when sending some questions to the mysterious Jo & Scott mentioned in the blog title. That's Jo Schornikow of The Shivers fame and Brooklyn NYC's finest lo-fi artist Scott Rudd. They're both over here playing a few festivals, including next weekend's Away Game up on the Isle of Eigg. While they're here, they've been recruited by Peenko to play his latest gig alongside the mighty Mitchell Museum.   So, I thought I'd get them to tell you all about it, let you hear a few of their tracks, and hear what's tickling their fancy recently.  First up, here's one of Jo's brilliant solo efforts which you can download for free!

I can't mention Jo and not talk about how great The Shivers' album More.  Anything Fence Records bring out is always gonna be pretty special, and this is no different.  You can get your copy from those Fifers over here.  Right, back to the topic at hand.  Before we hear from Jo and Scott, here's some Bullshit Love from the man himself.  'Tis also free!

A few not-so-probing questions now.  Here goes...

Kowalskiy: First up, how'd the idea to do this gig come about?
Scott: It was really Jo's idea. I believe it stemmed from an offer The Shivers got to play the Away Game for Fence Records. Keith couldn't make it due to other commitments and Jo had a bunch of great solo stuff that was ready to be released to the world - we built the tour around that.
Jo: We basically booked the tour around the Fence Away Game Festival, the Imploding Inevitable Festival (which was amazing) and the Cloudspotting Festival. We have been very lucky to be helped by some amazing people and promoters along the way to get the rest of the gigs.

Kowalskiy: What are you most looking forward to about the gig, and your trip to Scotland in general?
Jo:  Oatcakes & King Creosote. In that order.
Scott: Have heard wonderful things about Scotland and the people. Looking forward to making new friends! (talk to me Scottish ladies! No really - I'm lonely ... And sad... Pathetic really. Haha!)

Kowalskiy: What can folk here expect from your live show?
Scott: My music is pretty sad and very personal. Hopefully people can relate to the songs and what I'm singing about though. But depending on my mood I'll either be really quiet or really loud between songs. Well have to see.
Jo:  Just to be wowed, generally. It's like an Olympics opening ceremony. But better. Bigger budget. Larger tech crew. More pyrotechnics trickery. It's a laser light spectacular.

Kowalskiy: That's promising a lot!  Last one... what gives you the shivers?
Scott: Depends how u define shivers! I'll let Jo answer that one.

Says it all!  Before I go on, I would just like to state for the record, that I would never, ever, put King Creosote before an oatcake.  NEVER!  Right, onto their song choices now.  Scott first this time.  He went for this one, simply saying "check out the album - it's unbelievable".  He might be on to something there!

As for Jo she went for these "words harmonies and weirdness. I love listening to my friends sing".  Here's Don't Be Cruel by Los Angeles' RACES from their Year Of The Witch LP.

So that's that.  If you're away to Eigg for Away Game... I hate you!  If not, or even if you are, they you can see Jo and Scott at The Captain's in Glasgow on Wednesday supporting mitchell museum.  Speaking of which, here's Scott's pick from their SoundCloud.  "Great stuff!  Sound a lot like Animal Collective. Gonna listen to more!!!"  His words, not mine.  Though I do of course agree.  Enjoy!

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