Friday 2 September 2011

Kowalskiy Singles Club #7

Time to do my bit for all the lovely singles out there.  It's a pretty diverse mix this time 'round, so hopefully you'll find one that's perfect for you.  If any of their pleas 'strike a chord with you', then click on the cover art and get downloading...

The Son(s) - Slow & Easy
Slow & Easy by The Son(s)
"You are a brunette, 5'6", long legs, 25-30, intelligent, articulate and drop dead gorgeous. I, on the other hand, have eyes like Marty Feldman and an odour of foost. No returns and no refunds at box no. 1557 Man 52." - Karl Son(s)
First up is a welcome return for Mr. Son(s).  Still single I see?!?   It's a bit of a beefed-up re-release this one, complete with snazzy new video.  Check it out here. Oh, and yeah, the single is FREE and comes with two more tracks to download.  So snap it up, and have a wee swatch at the video while you're at it.

Scrap Brain - NaI
"Post-ironic female fronted noise-pop trio with a fondness for volume and distortion, and insatiable pan-sexuality seek victims for two and a half minutes of dirty, sweaty, sexual ecstasy and an analogue synth loop." - Myke Hall (Scrap Brain)
If you share their fondness for distortion and volume and don't mind an analogue synth loop or two, then Edinburgh's Scrap Brain should be right up your street.  Click on the covert art to get better acquainted.

Rollor - Jekyll IslandJekyll Island by Rollor
"Proto Industrial/no wave musicians seek to melt faces of bad-tempered, foul-mouthed and grossly overweight smokers/drinkers Must be toilet trained and have own teeth!!" - Matt Harris (Rollor)
Rollor are a wee bit of alright you know!  This belter is out on the 10th September, so you'll just need to be patient.  Until then though, there's three EPs over on their Bandcamp for FREE!  Sweeeeet!

John Wean - Desperate Dan (She Told Me She Was Single)
Desperate Dan (She Told Me She Was Single) by John Wean
"Spunky young male seeks single female for good times and maybe more. Should be perennially unattached with a violent hatred for muscly men and Fiat Puntos. Full health check results would be considered an asset. Negative results preffered." - John Wean
Now, first thing to note, is that that is not the official cover art for this single.  It'll be updated in due course.  Until then, feast your eyes on the John Wean lads' comic strip for their new single.  You can have a proper look over here! The single is also out on the 10th, but you can have a wee preview courtesy of Mr. Gellatly here. 

Cancel The Astronauts - Seven Vices
Seven Vices by Cancel The Astronauts
"Wrinkled, balding singer with slight paunch seeks careful owner for midnight walks in the rain, illicit fondling and awkward conversation. Time wasters need not apply. Must reply by Sunday. (no pets please)." - Matt Riley (Cancel The Astronauts)
Matthew Riley... ooft!  If that's not got you hot under the collar, then wait 'til you hear the track.  As usual, Cancel The Astronauts have struck musical gold.  It's not out 'til the 12th, but you can pre-order the CD and get a download now! It comes with 2 brand, spanking new tracks too. They'll be launching the singe with gigs at The Captains Rest, Glasgow (9th) and Electric Circus, Edinburgh (11th).

Chris Devotion - A Modest Refusal/Tell The Girl
A Modest Refusal/Tell The Girl by Chris Devotion & The Expectations
"Freakishly tall yet devilishly handsome hipster seeks listener for a short term passionate affair, with one eye on the possibility of a long term relationship fraught with anxiety, self loathing, class warfare and catchy tunes. Must like loud guitars. Will also accept a quick knee trembler." - Chris Devotion
Mr. Armellodie may be on sabbatical in The Orient, but his label is still churning out some great music.  The latest offering comes courtesy of the modest Chris Devotion.  By his own reckoning, a feast for the eyes, and by mine, a feast for the ears too.  Now, where are you for that knee trembler... 

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