Sunday 20 May 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v10.0

So... who have I been listening to this week on SoundCloud?  Well, if you follow me on twitter, most of these will come as no surprise but here goes anyway.   Let's get my grovelling apology out of the way first of all.  There's been so many e-mails of late and despite my intentions to reply to them all, it's just not possible.  I do however, try my best to listen to everything I've been sent for fear of missing out on something special.  With Light of the North though, the debut album by Miaoux Miaoux, I already knew it would be.  It's fair to say that electronic(a) isn't my most-loved or most-listened-to genre, so I'd have no idea where to begin reviewing it.   Too often I find that kinda music very hit and miss, but Mr. Corrie very rarely falls into the latter category.  It's out on the 11th June via Chemikal Underground, and here's my stand-out track.

Next up, is a band described as "At The Drive-In except more hardcore".  Intrigued by that comparison, I had a listen to a free track (available here) put out by Overlook Records to promote their latest band... Crusades.  Boy, they're shouty ones!  But bugger-me-sideways, is this track good or what!?!

Slight change of direction now, but again, it's a band I've only discovered this week.  Well... they found me if truth be told.  Thank God they did though.  They're called Ravena.  They're a four-piece from Glasgow.  They've got their debut single out this week, for free no less, and they have excited this blogger no end!  Make sure you download the single from SoundCloud.  The piano-led B-side Do Try is below for your listening pleasure.

Let's follow that up with a double helping of mystery and intrigue.  Both these bands recently uploaded their first tracks.  Both sound very familiar...

Now for my best Rolf Harris impression... can you tell who it is yet??  I'll keep you guessing while you hear the second band...

...and fuck it, I'll just keep you guessing.  So if you know who they are, answers on a postcard!  That latter one by CHURCHES you can download for free here.  I'm sure we'll be hearing more from them both in the future.  Right, I'm offski now.  I'll leave you with this, the new, re-recorded, full band version of A Life Worth Living from Saint Max.  Out.  Stand.  Ingggg!

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