Tuesday 10 July 2012

...Lost Ghosts!

If you're a regular reader of my notcasts, the name Lost Ghosts may be familiar with you already.  Back in April I told you to keep an eye or two on them when I featured Seven, one of their free online demos.  The same still applies!  Before we hear a bit more about this Glasgow four-piece, here's another of their freebies for you.

Over to you folks...

Kowalskiy: Who are Lost Ghosts?
Lost Ghosts: Gabby (Vocals, Violin & Keyboards), Derek (Guitar), Gary (Drums, Backing Vocals) and Danny (Bass, Backing Vocals) are Lost Ghosts, an exciting new band from Glasgow. Danny Derek and Gary have been working on musical projects since they met at university and when they started working with Gabby, a gifted singer songwriter, the end result was Lost Ghosts. 

Kowalskiy:  How would you describe 'your sound'
Lost Ghosts: The band tries to achieve a mixture somewhere between a large post-rock sound and catchy radio-friendly choruses, citing bands such as M83, There Will Be Fireworks, Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine and Frightened Rabbit as major influences.

Kowalskiy:  PLUG AWAY!!! 
Lost Ghosts: Our next gig we are supporting Man Without Country at the Art School on the 17th of July.  Tickets for the gig can be purchased from any member of the band - feel free to send us a message on Facebook if you don't know us personally - or from TicketWeb.  Also, our self-recorded demos are available for free download from our SoundCloud page.

Kowalskiy:  What can we expect from Lost Ghosts in the future? 
Lost Ghosts: We hope to get in the studio pretty soon to record what will be our debut single. In the meantime we're still looking for gigs in Glasgow as well as further afield.

That debut single can't come soon enough!  Until then, remember to help yourself to their demos, and if you're at a loose end a week today, then they'll be in the Art School in Glasgow.

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