Sunday 25 March 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v4.0

Time for notcast numero four now. Next week I'll stop with the counting. In fact, I won't be here next week. You'll not be denied a notcast though, you'll just be in the very capable, probably moreso, hands of another of Scottish music's most mysterious chaps. Not that I'll be revealing who it is. Just have to come back here next week to find out. Anyhoo, onto the tracks which have been tickling my fancy on SoundCloud this week.

Starting off of course with a grovelling apology to a band I've been neglecting recently.  One of the most memorable albums I was sent last year was the undeniably creepy and downright brilliant debut by Young Hunting.   I said as much over here.  Well, this Edinburgh bunch released the follow-up some time ago.  It's much the same impressiveness-wise.  There's no streams online (not on their site anyway) but here's the sinister Forebode from their debut album Attachment In A Child And The Subsequent Condition.

Nothing like starting off with a cheery one eh?!  Anyway their follow-up EP is called The Night of the Burning and you can get your hands on it over here.  Shall we have an upbeat one now?  Lets do that!  Remember Johnny Reb?  I do.  They released The Portugal Years, songs recorded in Portugal (funnily enough) by Morrissey guitarist Boz Boorer,  last year.  Yeah?  Well, they have sadly split!  However, out of the ashes of many a great band springs another.  So here's the phoenix-like Father Sculptor for you.

Next up is a blast from the not-so-distant past.  Before Christmas, Wiredrawn released his fantastic Loose Lips Sink Ships EP which is still in my car.  So let's continue with the opening track from said EP which you can of course download for free over here.

That guitar!  Ooft!  Like I said, it's pretty fantastic.   OK, moving on.  We'll just have 5 songs this week since the last is a weighty beast.  This weeks penultimate track comes courtesy of one of the finest singer/songwriters in the land... Will Hanson.   He released his latest album Moving A Body last year.  'Twas one of the years finest if you ask me!  Here's one of the many standout tracks from it.

Last one now and as I said before, it's a biggy!  White Heath have been incredibly quiet of late.  In fact, it's been bloody ages since their last single GG came out.   Well, somewhat out of the blue, they're back with their latest offering, In A Glasshouse.  It isn't just a single though.  They've teamed up with some of their artistic friends to bring you a brilliant, interactive website to accompany it.   Here it is.  Be sure to download it free here.

Remember, next week's notcast will be brought to you by a very special guest. See you then!

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