Sunday 18 September 2011

Not Quite Done

We've not been near a computer recently, which is probably a blessing to be honest.

We were in London, where they don't really have computers, and we played some gigs, which surely can't come as any surprise to you now.

Big thanks to the venerable fellows and chapesses at Death2Disco and Oddbox Records for giving us the opportunity to go down and play in front of such polite, clean and sizeable audiences.

In London we drank outside of pubs on the street A LOT and IN THE SUNSHINE which felt very continental. We also had a curry in Soho. Yum.

In Liverpool we met these folks:

They were pretty much the only people that bothered to come and see us.

CTA: big in Florence and Malmo, but not in Liverpool.

Tonight, in what the press have been quick to label the last night of our tour, is the last night of our tour. It's in Newcastle at the Tyne Bar. COME!

Tomorrow the tour is finished and I'll make Kieran do a final farewell post on Monday, so Kowalskiy knows we're done.

You know he sent us an email the other day which said something like, "Thanks for blogging on my blog! Are you finsihed yet?". We said, "NO."

So a big thanks to Kowalskiy for letting us borrow his internet for thr week: we are neeaarly finished with it.


CTA xxx

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