Sunday 1 April 2012

Pecans Dots Shots

Guest notcast by K. P. Son
6 songs from SoundCloud... But there are a lot of good songs up there to choose from. Too many. There are now so many songs now on SoundCloud that you can put their waveforms end to end and together they will stretch to Mars and back. I've no doubt I'll immediately get omission regret having only 6 choices or so from Mr Kowalskiy. I'll have to live with that for the rest of my life.

I don't know any of the people below.

I believe the capitalisation (though not capitalism) is compulsory. From the town of unknow(n) TX yet it sounds like the singer hails from 80's Sheffield. Weird huh?

Jonny Bear vs. Atuin
Each of these guys is worth exploring individually (for example Mr Bear's Underwood Typewriter); this wee song has become a small but growing obsession here.

Daniel Rossen
There are few finer songwriters in the world today; I have never liked Paul Simon.

Tim Weary
Isn't this good? This is slow, drowsy, simple sounding. Delicious, woebegone.

No? You're crazy...
OK, then what about this?


NO?! Well get to buggeryfuck then. Man's a genius.

Tea Leigh
Tea records her songs using a machine assembled live on air during an episode of Blue Peter back in 1978 (designed of course by Margaret Parnell). It utilises toilet roll holders, pipe-cleaners, empty washing up bottles... Tea's machine now hisses along slightly with whatever she records. It is a charming hiss. This is a great cover of a beautiful Sufjan Steven's song.  (Kowalskiy:  Unfortunately, since Mr. Son made his choices, Ms. Leigh has removed this stream.  So here's another...)

John Holligum
I love this tune. This is from Jonny who does the Edinburgh Man podcast. From back in spring '76, just before he started his podcast. I think Tom Verlaine guests on guitar.

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