Tuesday 29 November 2011

Kowalskiy Singles Club #10

Here we go folks, your last chance this year to bag yourself a hot single.  I've went all out this time 'round, scouring the land to bring you this bevvy of beauties.  Some gentle and laid-back, and some are just downright dirty!  Whatever floats your boat, hopefully you'll find something here that ticks all your boxes.   Click on the artwork to have a listen, and remember to read the small print!  There's some freebies, a video and even a launch gig that may be of interest...

The Plimptons - Christmas All Over This Town
Christmas All Over This Town by The Plimptons
"Lanarkshire’s longest running successless band WLTM committed pub in grim town for festive booze shenanigans. Looking to get over 12-year relationship with a bar which ended tragically with its conversion into a spuriously-named chain restaurant. We’re ready to love again, but don’t want to be hurt. If you reckon you’re pub enough, get in touch before Dec 24th. We like: poignant walks home in the snow, soapy pint glasses and communal beerstalgia." - Martin Smith (The Plimptons)
Kicking things off with the new 3-track Christmas single from The Plimptons.  Consider it an early Christmas present, 'cos it's FREE on their website.  Just click the artwork and scroll down to the bottom.. if you're 'pub' enough that is!

GoGoBot - We Are Here
We Are Here by GoGoBot
"Two swell guys and one super-swell girl seek like-minded 'individuals' for warm cosy nights in by the fire and moon-lit walks by the canal (also trips to the moon). "We are Here" willing and able to take your call - think robot with a heart x" - Marko Kelly (GoGoBot)
Go go download this single! Throughout 2011, GoGoBot have released their See Saw Series of bi-monthly singles, a series which culminated with the release of We Are Here yesterday.  All can be bought over here.  They'll mark it in style with a headline gig at King Tuts this Friday (2nd December).  Interested??  Then click here!

The Machine Room - Camino De SodaCamino De Soda by The Machine Room
"Better with the lights off, a zero-pinter. Likes window shopping, non-commitment, surfing the edge of something meaningful, staying afloat and everything from a distance. Pick up the phone." - John (The Machine Room)
RING RING, RING RING!  "Hello, is that The Machine Room?"  These guys are fast becoming one of my favourite new bands around these parts.  Camino De Soda is their second appearance on the Singles Club... will someone snap them up already?!!!

Fat Goth - One Night In Kevin
One Night In Kevin by Fat Goth
"Utterly heinous bull seeks willing body (preferably female) to soil. Sucessful candidate must possess a strong mental disposition as psychological assaults and attacks will occur frequently. A caring and compassionate nature is also desired in order to tackle continuous bouts of severe depression and extreme self-loathing. Willingness to assist with bathing is essential! Interests: baking, prehistoric crustaceans, John Leslie, the pre 'Magic Hour' output of Liverpudlian pop group Cast, tabacco, Jersey, dogging, etc. Give us a call and lets have a time!!!" - Mark Keiller (Fat Goth)
Fat Goth eh?  One for the fetishists out there it would seem. So if you're into baking, providing bathing assistance and appreciate the music of Cast circa. 1995, then pick up the phone.  Or alternatively, click on the artwork and get downloading!

IndianRedLopez - Prometheus
Prometheus by IndianRedLopez
"Single man with god complex wishes to meet fiery mortal with a love of percussion to care and nurture. Correct footwear for running is a must. " - Mike Chang (IndianRedLopez)
Now, the return of the brilliant IndianRedLopez.  Their debut album Empty Your Lungs And Breathe is up there with the years best, and this hints at something even better to come next year.  It's out on the 5th of December through Aberdeen's Bedford Records.  Mark your calendars!   

Ed Muirhead - Like Like Unlike/Midnight Clear
Like Like Unlike/Midnight Clear by Ed Muirhead
"Old-fashioned type, fed-up of social-networking (but glad of the technology), yearns for the good old days before networking was a word, and amuses himself with amateur paintings of 150-year-old festive poem lyrics." - Ed Muirhead
The second of the festive-themed singles courtesy of Mr. Muirhead. It's a double A-side ode to one man's social media gripes/Christmas classic, plus if you invest £2, it's also an 11-track CD with "a bunch of live tracks with voice and fender rhodes". PLUS, Ed's made another great wee video to accompany it.  Someone get that man some more white ink for Christmas!

Underclass - Beat Your Fist
Beat Your Fist by Underclass
"5 riff driven rockers seek place to dance and a bowl for car keys. Can bring own nibbles." - Underclass
Short but sweet, but boy does it pack a punch!  The second single from this Edinburgh bunch is released on Friday (2nd December) via Bainbridge Music and like an increasingly large number of recent Singles Club 'singles', was recorded at Tape Studios in Edinburgh. It's another one to mark in your diaries.  Until then, you can stream the track here.

Dems - House
House by Dems
"Multi-instrumentalist mournful architecture trio seek similarly construction obsessed individual(s) for enthusiastic MPC-and-guitar-based-funtimes; haunting whispy-yet-masculine voice essential." - Dan, Dave, Duncan (Dems)
A late, but very welcome addition from the newly '3-pieced' Dems.  They love their D's those guys!  Their 2-track House EP is out now on 7" with band-designed sleeve artwork (just click the cover above!) or you can download it here. Sounds great, and looks pretty good too!

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