Tuesday 31 July 2012

Battle Of The Bands: Round 3

In case you missed last week's bout, here's a quick, unbiased recap... Team Kowalskiy, helped out by The Pictish Trail absolutely trounced the boys from Brazil Exists in the Scottish Fiction corner!  And in doing so, took a one point lead going into this, the third round of Battle Of The Bands.  I'm well prepared though for the inevitable backlash...

I was quietly confident that Dolfinz (or DðlfinZ... or maybe even DOLFiNZ), my Stonehaven duo could hold their own against whoever Neil from Scottish Fiction had to offer.   Their 11 songs on SoundCloud and very impressive Twitter Follow Ratio gave me more than a fighting chance.  But, as it was his turn to choose the three attributes we'd be playing with, Neil would start as favourite.  It was by no means a foregone conclusion though.  Neil's hopes of a first victory rest with Glasgow sextet Randolph's Leap.  Here's hoping Neil doesn't pick Number of Members!

Before we do battle, let's have a quick recap of the rules.  You can read them in full over here though!  This round, Neil will choose three attributes.  For each of the three, the person with the highest value gets one point, with both of us getting a half-point in the event of a draw.  Losers get hee-haw!  In the end, Scottish Fiction chose Number of Members (BASTARD!!!), SoundCloud Tracks, and Twitter Follow Ratio... in other words, there's an outside chance for ol' Team Kowalskiy.  As before, all stats below were correct at the time of battle.  All that's left for me to say is ding ding, Round 3...

And the result of Round 3... is a drubbing!  Scottish Fiction wins 3-0 on account of Randolph's Leap and their freakishly high stats.  I did consider a quick email to the Dolfinz lads to get them to start unfollowing folk and uploading new tracks, but figured that may not be in keeping with the Top Trumps spirit.  Besides, on any other day, their stats would have been more than enough to win the day.  So alas, Neil has leveled the battle at one win apiece having drawn Round 1.

Well played Sir... you're mine in a fortnight's time though!

But, as always, it's not about me or Neil (not much anyway!).  It's about these two fine bands.  So here's why I roped in the wonderful Dolfinz.  If you head over here, you can get your hands on their split 12" album from Song, by Toad Records.  Alongside four of their brilliant lo-fi, scuzzy tracks, including Kitsch Craft below, there's four tracks from PAWS, Sex Hands and Waiters.  It's a fantastic record.

Now onto those pesky, glory-stealing folksters from Randolph's Leap.  How can you be mad at them though!?  For starters, you can't not instantly love frontman Adam Ross.  Especially when he pens lyrics like this! 

They recently put out Introducing... Randolph's Leap which you can get from Fence Records with a special bonus EP.  Be quick though... the ones on their Bandcamp have already sold out.  You can also still grab a download of their The Curse Of The Haunted Headphones album from here.

I think that's all the plugs over.  So, the series is tied once again.  Just you wait 'til Round 4 though Mr. Fiction... just you wait!

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