Monday 7 November 2011

Kowalskiy Singles Club #9

Hey folks, I've got a brand new bevvy of beauties for you.  All ready to whisper sweet nothings into your ears!  If any of them sound like they're up your street, then click on the artwork, have a wee listen and get downloading.  Who knows, one of them might strike a chord with you...

PET - Middle Child Syndrome
Middle Child Syndrome by PET
"Middle child Hilton heiress seeks last born ‘Golf Sale’ sign holder to spawn progeny and re-adjust the imbalances of world" - Matthew (PET)
Sounds like a very worthy cause!  And a brilliant song to boot!  Middle Child Syndrome is the second release from one of Edinburgh's brightest new bands, PET.  All three tracks are very good indeed!  Oh, and it's out today!

Mummy Short Arms - Change
"Lonely Mum with arm disability seeks a nice man or woman to listen to her stories. Must like shaving Mummy’s legs." - Stuart Brown (Mummy Short Arms)
How tragic does that sound?!?  The song though, is anything but.  It's a great song, and one of a surge of beauties from newbie Glasgow label Flowers In The Dustbin... whose name sounds ever-so-slightly romantically-tragic too.  

Wolves Of Winter - The Art of TemptationThe Art of Temptation by Wolves Of Winter
"Devilishly handsome, charming, gentlemanly types seek patient listeners with an interest in melancholy, movies, pianos and reverbs. Must also have a keen interest in sitting, xbox, sleeping, football, more sitting, eating, wine, sleeping." - Scotty (Wolves Of Winter)
This one's a revelation!  They've just popped up out of the blue with a track that is fast-becoming one of my favourite tracks of the year.   Keep an eye on this mob!  The track was recorded at Elba Studios and it's out NOW!

Otherpeople - (I Am So Bored Of) Acoustic Guitars
(I Am So Bored Of) Acoustic Guitars by Otherpeople
"Video Director seeks emotionless band, willing to sit and stare at a square of black sticky tape on the wall opposite for 4 minutes straight while being doused in various substances.  Reverse thinking a bonus, catchy indie music preferable, hatred of acoustic guitars vital." - Ben Cowie
You may know Ben from the brilliant video-blog Detour. So you know he's a dab hand at making videos... just like the one he done below for this track from Otherpeople's EP!  Feast your eyes below...

French Wives - Numbers
Numbers by French Wives
"Lonely 1 seeks another 1 to make 2 for general enjoyment and constant reassurance. 3 favourite things are arithmetic, thermometers and The Count from Sesame St.  You will be required to count to me like him late at night. It helps me sleep." - Scott Macpherson (French Wives)
A nice wee number this one is too!  It's the first track from their upcoming, and much, much, MUCH anticipated, debut album.  Stay tuned later this week for a wee interview with the band.   

My Tiny Robots - Guild Of Defiants
Guild Of Defiants by My Tiny Robots
"Lonely and looking for love, four tired-looking males of differing size and shape seek friendship or more with anyone willing to listen to their inane ramblings and temper tantrums. Must love Chris Rea, own at least three fifths of the Kajagooggoo back catalogue, have an interest in amateur robotics and enjoy casual wood thievery of a weekend. An enjoyment of a certain brand of arty odd-pop would be good, but is in no way necessary." - Gareth Anderson (My Tiny Robots)
Kajagoogoo??  Get off my blog!!  This is the new single from odd-poppers My Tiny Robots.  It's out a week today from their Bandcamp site and follows hot on the heels from their free giveaway of the OUTSTANDING Rock Bossa Nova Fourbeat Black.   Until next week, you can hear the new single streaming on Soundcloud by clicking the artwork.

Laki Mera Crater (Mogwai remix)
Crater (Mogwai remix) by Laki Mera
"Variable sound waves would love to meet primed ear canal for ritual union. Must be willing to vibrate violently to the sound of one hand clapping." - Laki Mera
Last but by no means least, here's a track from Glasgows Laki Mera's album The Proximity Effect, remixed by the mighty Mogwai.

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