Thursday 16 August 2012

Kowalskiy's Free Monthly 5-track Scottish EP #26

So, I hope you all enjoyed the special 8-track EP put together by the folks over at Armellodie last month.  You were well-and-truly spoilt!  This month, we're back to the usual five tracks, from five of my favourite up-and-coming bands in the country.  We have three brand, spanking, new tracks for you, one of them from a band who technically only came into existence this week!  There's a brilliant live number and it's all topped off with a great, early electronic track from one of Scottish music's 'men of the moment'.  Not too shabby I think you'll agree!  Here's who they all are, and what they each had to say about their little beauty...   

1.  Slow Building Seas - We're Alright (I couldn't love this track any more than I do!  This is said new band.  You may already Jamie and Dod from their SoundCloud demos under the alias Descant Hawk.)

"Hello! We are Jamie and Roddy and we are Slow Building Seas. Having learned to pluck our guitars by listening to Kris Drever, we started off as a traditional folk outfit. We've evolved a little now though and we eh... aren't. This was recorded on a USB mic, in a flat in Glasgow and pulled together between there and Stornoway so please excuse the rough edges (if you listen carefully you can hear a plane go by and some arse with one of those cars that is supposed to compensate for being poorly endowed but ironically may as well be fitted with some sort of "hung like a stoat" klaxon, which is nice.) Hope you enjoy!" - Jamie Orr & Roddy Mac (Slow Building Seas)

2.  Shooting Stansfield - Greater Or Lesser (A welcome return for Shooting Stansfield.  On this sort of form, Admiral Fallow better sit up and take note!)

"Greater or Lesser was recorded earlier this year at The Cottage Studio in Argyle. Yet again our time in Argyle became an exercise in music as an endurance sport. Day turned into night, night turned into day and fragmented melodies became our shiny new EP. Our new tunes regularly feature in our live set and can next be heard @ The Wee Red on Saturday the 25th of August where we're playing with our chums The Stormy Seas. More can be found at:" - Stephen Whipp (Shooting Stansfield) 

3.  The Sunset Clause - Will You Be My Audience? (Live version) (Taken from their performance at Stereo earlier this year which you can download over here.)

"The track's a new one from us, and it's a little different from the the stuff we usually do. Hope everyone likes it! Our live EP was recorded at Stereo in Glasgow and is available for free on our bandcamp along with the studio versions of a couple of our other songs!  Thanks for listening!" - David Robb (The Sunset Clause)

4.  Run/Lucky/Free - North (A brand, spanking new track from the lovely Run/Lucky/Free recorded earlier this year.  Enjoy!)

"The song is one of a few songs that we recorded earlier on in the year. We are currently writing more songs and working on getting some funding with the intention of recording and releasing an album. We have an acoustic gig coming up later on in the month. The gig is on Friday 24th August at Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh supporting Rod Jones." - Daniel Crichton (Run/Lucky/Free)

5.  Esperi - A Map Of The Sky? (An early electronic recording from Mr. Marr.  Proving that it is possible to enjoy an astronomy documentary!)

"It's an older track I made with audio clips recorded from a astronomy documentary. I used to watch a lot of national geographic programmes and record sound I liked from them :-)" - Chris James Marr a.k.a. Esperi

Cheers to all of the above for contributing this month.  I hope you enjoy it!  All you have to do to get your free copy is to click on the artwork above, or here.  Whatever floats your boat.  While you're there, there's another 25 for you to have a listen to and download.

I've already got one or two tracks sorted for September's EP, but I'll be hounding bands over the next week or two before I jet off on my holiday.  There'll still be a mad rush at the end though.  There always is!  If you fancy contributing a track to one of these EPs, send me a wee email ( and I'll see what we can do!  

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