Sunday 15 April 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v6.0

Shall we have another half-a-dozen tracks that have been tickling my fancy on SoundCloud over the last week?  Yes we shall.  I'll kick things off this week with a welcome return for Kowalskiy's Apology Korner.  So who have I completely forgotten about recently?  To be fair, there's a few but I'm getting better I think... maybe.  Try telling that to the lovely Coat Hooks though.   They've released their first EP with their shortened name and rejigged line-up, but have lost none of their charm and appeal as a result.  To The Waters And The Wild is out now over here, and it is a pure bargain!

More apologies next week!  For now we move on.  Onto something and someone(s) quintessentially SoundCloudish.  Now, I know I've already featured one of their tracks, and I know we've even had K. P. Son do a special guest notcast for us, but...  Fuck it, I don't have to explain myself to anyone... especially YOU!

How smooth does that sound!?!  Very, I think you'll find.  It's "track 1, side 1" of their Leviathan release on the 7th May.  From the smooth to the sublime.  It's Chasing Owls.  If you remember, I loved their We Began EP (available from all good online stockists) all those months ago.  Well, be it a T Break 2012 entry, or part of some form of future release called Quell, or both... or all three,  this is a cracking song which will do little to 'quell' the need for more.  Ha, brilliant!

Who's next... I lose track.  We shall mix things up a bit with this one by Le Thug, who don't really do folk, more like shoegazey, synthy electro.  Which in my book is just as good.  There's a bunch of freebies up on their SoundCloud, so get over there.

Now, we'll end with a track which I have no shame in admitting I've been know to murder in the car on the drive home at night.  My dulcet tones are no match for Mr. Sutherland.   Yet another reason why I'll spare you having to listen to me podcast stylee.  I asked Joseph a.k.a. Foxhunting a few questions about his brilliant debut album Come On Sweetheart, Take My Hand (which you can buy here with a free copy of his earlier EP) a while back.   Here's the original, 'EP version' of one of my tracks of the year thus far, La Chasse

Stunning doesn't quite cut it.  Right, I'm offski now!

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