Friday 23 September 2011

Zoey Van Goey - Sexy Rave Eye Zooming EP

As EP covers go, this one's a wee bit on the weird side.  'Tis not every day you see a 4-headed indie-pop spider-like.. thing!  But then again, as EPs go, the latest from one of Scotland's finest bands is not your normal sort of release.  With two critically-acclaimed albums (The Cage Was Unlocked All Along and this years' Propeller Versus Wings) under their belt, Zoey Van Goey have decided to recruit some musical friends to remix a selection of their tracks for the fantastically-named Sexy Rave Eye Zooming EP.

Stamping their mark on ZVG's songs are We Were Promised Jetpacks, FOUND, Jonnie Common, GRNR (a.k.a. Gav of Findo Gask), K-Projekt, Gareth Griffiths, OnTheFly, and the electromaestro himself, Miaoux Miaoux.

There's a free download of WWPJ's remix of City Is Exploding up for grabs below!

Before you get too excited though, this limited-edition EP itself will only be available at Zoey Van Goey's special gig on October 1st at Stereo in Glasgow.  Though, the good news is, that the CD is free, and you'll also have Kid Canaveral on the bill that night, with ZVG's set being remixed live by GRNR.  Tickets are available to buy from here and if you're planning on 'Zoey-van-going' you can signal your intent on Facebook by clicking the poster opposite.

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