Wednesday 10 November 2010

Young Hunting - Attachment In A Child And The Subsequent Condition

How do I even begin to review an album so far removed from anything I've ever mentioned on the blog before?  That's the dilemma that the mysterious Scots experimentalists Young Hunting have put me in with their debut release Attachment In A Child And The Subsequent Condition.  For those of you out there only interested in twee-pop and those middle-of-the-road indie bands... it's pretty obvious from the album title and the slightly-disturbing cover art, that this may not be for you.  Saying that though, I'm partial to both of those and I've been completely taken in by this album.  So read on....

Young Hunting have never gigged, their MySpace was only set up last month, and it's nigh-on-impossible to find any info about the band, other than there's someone called Marc in it.  All very mysterious indeed!  Their introductory email to me described the album as a "deliberate experiment in alchemy".   While that, strictly speaking, hits the nail on the head, I'd be tempted to expand on that with something along the lines of "...., the black arts and the arcane", such is the intensity and sinister nature of the music.  In fact, it's an incredibly sinister, atmospheric and ever-so-slightly creepy album.  Not one to listen to all alone in the dark if you're of a nervous disposition.  

Forebode is an absolutely stunning track.  Persistent eerie glitches like demented water droplets, the sinister synth drone, intensely building up with distant haunted murmurings all combine to send a chill up your spine.  Throw in what sounds like chiming bells and banging chains and a fair amount of deep, dark spoken word on Liminality and the metallic drumming and deep, demonic, breath-like sounds of Dirge and you start to see what they meant by alchemy.

But after all the head scratching and grinding of teeth, it has to be said, I love this album.  It's so different to the norm, and in my opinion, an incredibly successful experiment.  Can't wait to hear what they dabble in next!

The album is out now on Amazon MP3, and physical copies can be pre-ordered here!

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