Friday 23 October 2009

The A to Z of Scottish Music!

Noticed this link on the Vic Galloway website. It may be worth a wee look!

Link: Vic's A to Z of Scottish Music

Must say though that it all looks a bit dated apart from Belle and Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand and Idlewild.
May be worth making up one of my own....

...suggestions anyone?


  1. I tried it doing my own once, but it just made my head hurt trying to think of bands that began with things like Q's and Z's

  2. Tried doing my own too, got about halfway and packed it in. Really should try getting back to it sometime.

  3. I forgot about that, I liked the randomness of the postings

  4. Ah, may have to be a bit imaginative for Q then. Was toying with the idea of "Quiet Little Voices" to get We Were Promised Jetpacks in. W is surprisingly good.

    Same with B, M and S. Gonna be a bugger narrowing it down.

    As for this "Z" letter. Never heard of it myself. Think I'll stick to the usual A to Y.

  5. Some letters are way harder than others. For Z you can have The Zephyrs or fudge the rules to make Zoey Van Goey elligible, even though none of them are actually Scots. I think Q was one of the ones I got stuck on, q without u were the only band I could think of.

  6. I'm thinking of fudging the rules! Zoey Van Goey are at least based here. As for Q, I was thinking of A Band Called Quinn.

    Got the A to Z narrowed down so I'll be putting these up over the next week or so!