Thursday 29 October 2009

H is for .....How To Swim!

Maybe not the most well known band in Scotland but certainly one of the biggest... in terms of members that is. How To Swim are a 10 piece from Glasgow, prone to unpredictable live shows in that you never know which of the members will show up. Their "revolving-door policy" as well as personnel are shared by fellow multi-instumentalists The Second Hand Marching Band whose EP "A Dance To Half Death" is available FOR FREE here.

Seen How To Swim supporting Broken Records and The Twilight Sad at the Sauchiehall Crawl a few years back and have been hooked ever since. Well they do have trumpets and like they say...

"They could easily be your favourite band, if only you'd let them burrow into your heart and lay their little eggs."

Incidentally, The Sauchiehall Crawl 2 is on April 1st next year. Stay tuned for the line-up as soon as it's announced! And by no means an afterthought, have a wee look at Hercules Mandarin also!

mp3: How To Swim - A Little Orgasm Of Disappointment

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