Saturday 31 October 2009

K is for .....King Creosote!

Thank goodness for Hallam Foe! When I first watched the great wee film I fell in love with the soundtrack and one song in particular, "The Someone Else" by the amazing King Creosote a.k.a Kenny Anderson. A few Amazon searches later and I'd amassed a good chunk of his back catalogue.

New album, Flick The V's is up there with his best and is sure to feature on a few "Best of" lists come December. KC is also the founder of Fence Records which features a wealth of great bands like FOUND, The Pictish Trail and James Yorkston to name a few.

Download: King Creosote - Vic Galloway Session (18/05/09)

1. Pale Shelter (Tears For Fears cover)
2. Curtain Craft (from Flick The V's)

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