Wednesday 4 November 2009

Q is for .....A Band Called Quinn!

It's safe to say that this A to Z won't feature the best 26 bands in Scotland. I had one band in mind for this post when I started this thing and strictly speaking they're not really a "Q" but needs must. Saying this though, the more I've been listening to A Band Called Quinn, the more I seem to like them. Album "Sun Moon Stars" is out now and is gathering a wee bit of attention (most notably by Q magazine!)...

"A pop-art treat" - Q

"One of the best albums to come out of Scotland in donkeys." - THE DAILY RECORD

"excellent electro stompers..." - THE GUARDIAN GUIDE

Well worth a purchase folks! Here's a wee session from Vic Galloway's show back in March that may tempt you...

: A Band Called Quinn - Vic Galloway Session (30/03/09)

1. The Glimmer Song
2. Exactly Like You
3. Unsung Feelings

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