Sunday 6 December 2009

...Haftor Medbøe Group!

Came across Haftor Medbøe Group on a wee trip through MySpace, so thought I'd share since they seem like a decent wee band. Based in Edinburgh but coming from far and wide (Scandinavia, Poland and the merry old land of Oz), the band have earned a bit of praise from those in the know as an up-and-coming indie-jazz band!

Jazz isn't usually my kinda thing. In fact, if someone says "jazz" to me I immediately think of Mr. Cullum and then my day is well and truly ruined! But this wee band are growing on me, especially the Notwist-y "As Time Spins Backwards". Have a wee listen and see for yourself.

New album "A Box Of Monkeys" is available on Fabrikant Records.


  1. Hi Kowalskiy,
    Thanks for the praise and the big-up. Glad you enjoyed your visit. H+

  2. Hey don't mention it. Think I spent an hour or so on your MySpace before I made the post.

    Really is cracking stuff :-D