Tuesday 29 December 2009

Ten for 2010... Foxes!

Next up is the second Oxfordshire band on the list, Foxes!

I'll let others do the talking here:

"Reminiscent of White Stripes with home made instruments." - BBC Radio Oxford
"These kids kick out some delicious DIY power pop. " - Audictive
"It's everything and more you want from an indie pop band. Well written songs, girl vocals, some jangling guitars and some lovely melodic sounds coming from the keyboards. That's all you need to know is it not?" - Indie MP3
"Pleasing levels of naivety from indie poppers who clearly live in toy town." - Drowned In Sound

So if you're intrigued and a fan of Los Campesinos! or the much-missed Canadian outfit The Unicorns, then have a wee listen to recent single "Who Killled Rob?".

Who Killed Rob?

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