Friday 4 December 2009

Top 10 of 2009: #6 - The Cinematics


The Cinematics - Love And Terror

Moving To Berlin

You Can Dance

How long has this been out now? I've still never seen a copy! Much like their debut, it seems Glasgow-based The Cinematics' second offering "Love And Terror" has being criminally overlooked despite some very favourable reviews and a great deal of critical acclaim. Hopefully that will all change now that Scott and the guys are about to start their UK tour.

"Love And Terror" is packed full of dark, hook-laden songs that beg to be listened to. I've been a massive fan for what seems like ages now and I loved "A Strange Education" when it was released although to me it never really captured the energy of their awesome live performances. With "Love And Terror" they've done that in style! Get buying it people!

They are still the best live band in Scotland in my opinion. Details of their tour which kicks off on Saturday in Inverness and ends in Glasgow on the 23rd (can't wait!) are on their MySpace.

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