Wednesday 2 December 2009

Top 10 of 2009: #8 - King Creosote


King Creosote - Flick The Vs

No Way She Exists

Coast On By

Pipping The Twilight Sad to 8th place is King Creosote with "Flick The Vs". I only really got into him this year once I'd started this whole blogging malarky, and that in itself has made it worthwhile. The main highlight for me is "Coast On By". That's 3 weeks (and counting...) I've been humming it for now!

As no doubt you've seen on every other blog by now, King Creosote is inviting you to record his new album "My First Bit of Strange in 13 Years" live at Homegame next year. In fact he's insisting... no entry for anyone without a recording device of some description! Tickets for Homegame 2010 (12th-14th March) are on sale over at Fence Records for the bargain price of £75.

If anyone wants their hands on the mp3's recorded at the Halloween Fence thingy, let me know and I'll upload them.

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